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Make over your garden this spring with a retaining wall or some garden edging

Spring is here!

The days are getting longer, the temperature is warming up, and all around us, people are cleaning their BBQs in preparation for the coming months.

If it’s time for you to update your garden for the season ahead, here are some retaining wall and garden edging landscaping ideas from Edcon Steel.

Retaining walls

Adding a retaining wall is a great way to give your garden a lift.

Not only does a retaining wall help transform that slope into a flat, usable surface, but it also adds texture to your property and improves the aesthetics.

But, perhaps more importantly, it can also prevent erosion.

If your property is hilly or sloped, there’s a good chance that heavy rain, winds, and even irrigation will alter your property’s geography.

Think of retaining walls as a way to ‘retain’ the land and your property’s layout in its current form.

Retaining walls can redirect the way water travels, particularly during a harsh storm.

If water encroaches on your home each time it rains, a retaining wall can help prevent significant property damage.

There are a number of options for retaining walls, including metal and timber, but one thing is certain – you need strong structural support.

Take a look at one of our customer’s industrial-styled retaining wall here.

Benefits of steel retaining wall posts

Strong Structural Support

A retaining wall system using heavy-duty steel posts acts as a durable structural barrier that prevents the ground materials from sliding. The steel posts ensure the wall remains straight and strong.

Galintel heavy-duty retaining wall posts are made from thick gauge steel, beyond the common lightweight options in the market. When installed correctly, they comply with the relevant Australian standards to provide strong structural support, compatible with concrete and timber sleepers.

Galintel retaining wall posts can connect to timber or metal fences using a range of brackets, making them easy to connect and design with.

Aesthetic appeal

Steel retaining wall posts offer a contemporary look that is ultra-low maintenance.
Galintel hot-dip galvanised retaining wall posts not only offer maximum protection from corrosion but can also be adapted to suit your garden aesthetic. If the silvery finish isn’t for you, you can paint over it or powder-coat it.


Galintel retaining wall posts can also be customised to suit your landscaping design. Post styles include H-section joiner posts, C-section end posts, and 90° and 45° corner posts, suiting a range of various requirements.

They are readily available in different standard lengths in the 100mm series and the H-post and C-section are available in the 150 series, with other lengths available on request, making it easier for you to choose as per your requirements.

Edcon Steel stocks a range of Galintel retaining wall posts, in various sizes.


Garden edging

If you have a relatively flat garden and are looking to update, garden edging is a great way to spruce it up. Steel and metal are the most commonly recommended edging materials by professional landscapers, because of their longevity and durability. And because of its sturdiness, steel garden edging can also withstand the force of whipper snippers.

Easily installed, steel garden edging has minimal invasion of the earth, which means you can easily redesigned it if you want to change your garden in the future.

Edcon Steel stocks a range of suitable steel garden edging.


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