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Hand-crafted cutlery using brass flat bar

Congratulations to Alison and Dan of Ferro Forma – a metalsmithing workshop in Braidwood – who create and sell handcrafted small batch edition objects.

Runners up in our recent brass project competition, Alison and Dan’s exquisite, hand-crafted cutlery using brass flat bars seem almost too beautiful to use!

The project

The project

Originally designed and created for an exhibition, their series of cutlery pieces are now part of their product range and are each handmade in brass and stainless steel.

Edcon’s C380 brass flat bars, in a range of sizes to suit each piece, were used for the handle, as the proportions of the flat bar sit well in the hand as handles, while the weight is pleasing for the user. The machinability of brass was an added benefit to Alison and Dan, as shaping and refining each piece was made easier.

When asked why they chose Edcon Steel for their products, Alison notes: “We have been ordering materials from Edcon Steel for many years and have always found they have the best range of metals, as well as being available in small quantities.

Edcon also has a great website that provides a great deal of detail with the added advantage of being able to see prices online.”

The final product

The final product

Alison and Dan integrated stainless steel for the blade or spoon component, as it perfectly contrasts with the tones of the uncoated brass, which will develop a beautiful rich patina with each use.

Fixed together using brass rivets and a machine radiused socket, the bespoke pieces include cheese knives, teaspoons, salad servers and many other playful utensils that explore the variety of forms that cutlery can take.

The two have transformed these simple household items into pieces rich in character, with stunning aesthetics. Congratulations again, Alison and Dan!

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