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Edcon Steel offers Australia’s most extensive selection of online steel and metal products, including over 300 rural fencing options. Protect your property and livestock with galvanised pickets, versatile strainers, posts, pipes and yard mesh designed for fencing, shelving, security, trailers, gates and various DIY projects.

Living in Australia, we understand that your property might contend with extreme temperatures, strong winds, pest damage or a combination of these challenges. That’s why we provide rural fencing products designed to endure the elements and stand the test of time.

We’ve got all your rural fencing steel needs covered.

Explore the product groups below to find the right steel solution for your next project.

Everything you need for your next job

Edcon stocks everything you need for your next livestock fencing project. Find a large range of rural fencing products, including wire, pickets, posts and rural fencing gates. 

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