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Edcon’s Custom Steel-Cutting Expertise

At Edcon Steel, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with accurate and timely custom steel cutting.

With the best equipment, expert staff and online ordering for custom cutting and delivery, you can get what you need from the comfort of your own home.

Here, we take you through Edcon’s steel-cutting expertise.

Custom cutting

With Edcon Steel, you have the option to custom-cut almost any metal or steel length that you require.*

For each product, there is a minimum cut length of 15mm, and we have the tools and capability at each store to complete this for you.

Because smaller lengths are more cost-effective to ship, we recommend entering the cut pieces you require into the shopping cart (even if they add up to an entire length) and requesting a quote before placing an order. This way, our sales team can review the enquiry and nest the cut pieces into the full length (and apply more economical full-length pricing).

*Note: We cannot supply all products in part lengths. For instance, we will sell small portions of most 316-grade stainless sections but not 304-grade stainless (which we sell in full length only).

Our cutting equipment

Cold saws

Cold saws (also known as drop saws), or circular metal saws, are in each of our steel stores and are perfect for cutting larger and heavier steels and metals.

Used for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cold sawing is great for common grades of steel as it cuts quickly without generating a lot of heat and friction.


We’ve recently updated the bandsaws in many of our stores, so we have the latest and greatest in steel-cutting technologies in our service offering.

Perfect for intricate or precise cuts, our equipment includes mitre-cutting bandsaws and dual-column auto bandsaws. For more detailed information about our bandsaws, read here.

Baby bandsaws

Because larger saws can damage or deform some of our smaller and thinner materials, we’ve got ‘baby’ bandsaws in every store too. This means we can safely and accurately cut small-diameter brass and stainless steel, as well as thin aluminium and brass flats, angles and channels.

Unfortunately, these baby saws are unsuitable for production runs. If you require small and/or thin products cut into multiple lengths, we recommend using a hacksaw or grinder on-site.


All of our steel stores also have guillotines for all your sheet metal cutting requirements. Perfect for cutting specific square and rectangular shapes up to 6mm in thickness in mild steel or 3mm in stainless.

Punch and shears

If you need simple cuts in flat or round bars that do not require a high degree of accuracy, we can shear (or crop) the lengths to size.

Just let us know when placing your enquiry as we can quite often provide this service for a more competitive price.

NOTE: Shearing material can leave burred and deformed cut ends. If you request shearing, you will receive the material in cut condition.

Need something different?

If you’re after something different, we also have access to profile cutting, laser cutting, waterjet, high-definition plasma, vertical router and other precise cutting methods using CNC equipment from Australia’s leading names in the steel and metal processing industry.

These machine-cutting methods all have different tolerances as part of their processes, and we may offer tolerances of less than +/- 1mm. However, please consult with the salesperson and get written confirmation from Edcon Steel before you place your order.

If you need to discuss cutting options and these types of tolerances, we can talk about options! Please contact us to discuss.

Steel offcuts

Need some small or unusually sized steel? Come in-store and see if we have some steel offcuts that can do the trick.

Steel offcuts are the pieces left over when we cut a length of steel to size. Sometimes these will be very small or unusual lengths, and so they become offcuts.

The beauty of Edcon Steel is that we don’t just have steel offcuts. We also cut a range of metals from aluminium and copper to brass and bronze… but you won’t find these online.

Simply come into one of our steel stores in Blacktown, Brookvale, Revesby, Bathurst or Orange and ask one of our friendly staff members for assistance.

If we have offcuts available, we will gladly help you out at a discounted price.

How to order custom-cut metal and steel online

We’ve got thousands of steel and metal products available for ordering online. To find the right products for you, you can either navigate through the menu options or use the search function at our online store to find a specific product.

For custom-cut lengths, simply select the ‘custom (cut to size)’ option and enter your required length in millimetres. To increase the quantity of your product, use the arrows to increase or decrease the quantity, or manually enter the amount.

Don’t forget to click ‘add to cart’ for each product.

Once added to the shopping cart, you can then easily request a formal quote by clicking the shopping cart icon and hitting ‘send quote’ or place an order by clicking ‘proceed to payment’.

Please remember – our sales staff will receive these quote requests and will return a formal offer that will include any nesting into full lengths with length-based discounts applied.

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We pride ourselves on our teams, our level of customer service and the depth of our local market knowledge.

You can visit our stores to browse the range or pick up an online order. Our staff members are on hand to answer any questions you have about our full range of products and services, so feel free to contact us for your steel or metal solution today.

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