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Full length vs cut to length vs steel offcuts

If you’re new to buying steel and metal, some of the terms we use can be more than a little confusing. From aluminum grades and tempers to the different grades of engineering steel and the two different grades of stainless steel, it’s a big wide world of steel and metal.

But we’re here to help. One of the questions our customers often ask is about the difference between full length, cut to length and steel offcuts. So we’ve put together this explainer so you can always get the right product for the job.

Full length

Full length

Buying a full length of steel or metal is the most economical way to purchase.

What constitutes a full length will depend on what you are buying. For example, the standard length for 316 Stainless Steel Angle – Equal is 6000mm. Bronze Round Bar LG2 comes in a standard full length of 3050mm. And the standard length for a 1214 Free Machining Hex Bar is 3600mm.

Some varieties are also available in multiple full lengths, depending on the diameter of the product. BMS Bright Mild Steel Round Bar 1020 is available in a standard length of 3600mm for diameters of 4.76-10mm. For diameters greater than that, the standard length is 6000mm.

It’s important to note that whether you are buying full length, cut to length or steel offcuts, all measurements are in millimetres rather than centimetres or metres.

For all steel and metal products sold by length in our online store, you can easily see the standard length listed alongside the product. Sheet and plate products also list the standard width available.

Cut to length

Cut to length

While it may be economical to purchase a full length of steel, if you don’t need 4000mm of Copper Flat Bar, with Edcon Steel you have the option to order a cut to size product.

For each product there is a minimum cut length of 15mm. We have the tools and capability on site to complete this for you and cut to any size or length you require.

Smaller lengths are also more cost effective to ship due to their size.

Steel offcuts

Steel offcuts

Customers are often confused about the difference between steel offcuts and cut to length products. Steel offcuts are essentially the pieces left over when a length of steel is cut to size. Sometimes these will be very small or unusual lengths and so they become offcuts.
The beauty of Edcon Steel is that we don’t just have steel offcuts. We also stock a comprehensive range of metal from aluminum to copper, brass, bronze, mesh and perforated.

If you are after metal or steel offcuts, you won’t find them online. You will need to come into one of our steel stores in Blacktown, Brookvale, Revesby, Bathurst or Orange and ask one of our friendly staff for assistance. If we have offcuts available, we will gladly help you out at a discounted price.

Buy steel online from Edcon Steel

Edcon Steel is Australia’s most comprehensive online steel and metal superstore, so if you’re looking for products for your next project, we’ve got you covered. We cut and supply steel and metal – in a wide range of shapes, sizes and grades – for all your project needs.

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