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  • 51 Sydney Rd,
    Raglan NSW 2795
  • Email
  • 6330 9333
  • Mon—Fri 8.00am to 4.30pm
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Opening in 2016, Bathurst is our newest store – and one of our most popular. Beyond the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, it’s a big town in the striking Central Tablelands, famed for festivals, food and wine… and a certain longstanding motor race. For car enthusiasts, builders, renovators or rural customers, Bathurst has the best metal and steel supply solutions.


Tom King

Tom King

Assistant Manager, Bathurst

Tom is an Assistant Manager with Edcon’s Bathurst branch, so he’s one smooth operator. The job involves helping to keep everything on track, looking after customers, ensuring paperwork is up to date – and stepping in when the manager’s away.

A metal life

“I’ve been around metal most of my life,” says Tom. “My dad’s a fitter, welder and engineer and we used to go to the metal shops together.” Those regular visits led to an office role in another steel supplier. “I wanted to be an accountant, believe it or not, but I realised I was looking for something more hands-on. I’ve since done warehouse and logistics training and now at Edcon I get the variety that I really enjoy.”

A family affair

“It’s a good atmosphere here at Edcon and I like that it’s a family-run business. The staff all get along and it’s easy to enjoy work when you have that sort of atmosphere. We have a laugh with the customers too, and you get to know the regulars pretty well.”

Opals and expertise

When he’s not running a marathon or playing soccer, Tom enjoys opal prospecting with his dad at Lightning Ridge. At work, it’s a different type of search – for customer solutions. “I’ve been in the same game now for 13 or 14 years, so my expertise is product knowledge. Working that long, you get to know the huge range of products we carry. I love helping customers with their projects… especially when they need a technical fix. It gets you thinking – and it always keeps the day interesting.”

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