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    Brookvale NSW 2100
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Just 16km north-east of the Sydney CBD, Brookvale is a leafy North Shore suburb that’s home to our head office – and quite a few of our maritime and auto customers.

For boat builders and sailors, car enthusiasts and auto repairers, our steel shop has every part for every need – on land or water.


Sam Goble

Sam Goble

Storeman, Brookvale

As a storeman at Edcon’s Brookvale store, Sam works across a few areas. He talks to customers, takes orders, cuts the steel and prepares items to go out. “I’ve been here for four years and this is my first full-time job. It’s a pretty good business to be a part of.”

A team player

Sam was pretty intent on being a fireman when he was growing up… or even better, a famous footballer. While he still plays soccer – and won’t say no to a video game – he’s content to be part of a great work team instead.

“The team members at Brookvale are lovely and really friendly. We get along easily, do the work but also have a laugh. And the customers are all pretty easy going, which definitely helps.”

Smooth sailing

Being close to the ocean, there’s a large boating clientele at Brookvale. “We get a lot of people who like tinkering. They want a specific part for a boat – to add or change something. And there are lots of mechanics in the area too, so there are plenty of people wanting materials to fix cars. Boats… cars… it keeps it interesting. Every order is different so there’s always variety. I’d say Edcon is a great place to work. There’s never anything to complain about.”

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