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Frequently Asked Questions

Steel solutions

Edcon Steel is proud to be home to Australia’s most comprehensive range of online steel and metal products. Our steel stores in Brookvale, Revesby, Blacktown, Bathurst and Orange are all comprehensively stocked with the steel, metal, accessories and tools you need to get your next project completed.

With over 50 years in steel and metal supply, we have you covered. We cut to size. We fabricate to your needs. And we can bring your steel deliveries to your door.

Do you offer free steel cutting?

We offer a free cut to customers who are collecting orders and cannot transport the piece safely on their vehicle.

Specific cut-to-length orders or requests will be charged.

How much do you charge per cut?

We use a sliding scale for all cutting charges, based on the size of the product or order. Pricing is available online, with prices listed per basic cut.

Multiple or pack cuts may be eligible for discounts at the discretion of Edcon Steel sales staff.

What tolerances can you cut steel to?

Edcon Steel has only guillotine, coldsaw and bandsaw equipment. This limits the finish and tolerance of our cuts to what our machinery can achieve.

Standard cutting tolerances of +/- 2mm will apply to all cuts, unless stated otherwise. As tolerance is relative, this will suffice for most projects, but if you have special requirements e.g. + 0mm, -3mm, these will need to be specified and agreed to prior to placing your order.

There is no other finishing offered to our cutting service, therefore, these charges are for ‘as cut’ unless stated otherwise.

How much do I need to buy?

Length based

The shortest piece of steel we can cut on our in-house saws is 15mm. So, if we are cutting a stocked item to size, all you need to buy is 15mm.


Our guillotines can cut strips as thin as 10mm. However, steel and metal are prone to twisting when guillo-cutting thin strips. The twist is dependent on material type and thickness, so please speak with one of our sales staff before ordering.

Can you cut my own material to size?

Because of such high demand for our cutting services, we are only able to offer cut-to-size services to customers with our stocked steel and metal.

Can you cut to size while I wait?

We always try to assist every customer as quickly as possible, and in most cases we can cut to size while you wait.

However, if you are ordering a large number of pieces or heavy items that add to cutting times, we may not be able to cut to size while you wait. To avoid disappointment, simply pre-order and visit the store when an Edcon Steel salesperson advises that your order is ready.

All our cutting services are on a first-come-first-served basis, so if we have already accepted another order prior to your arrival or placement, it will be cut in the order it was taken.

Does Edcon Steel offer fabrication services?

We have a structural steel fabrication department at our Head Office in Brookvale, where we are able to fabricate and weld mild steel. Our specialty is structural steel fabrication.

We do not fabricate stainless or specialty metals.

Can you fold sheet metal?

While we are only able to offer cut-to-size services, we may be able to refer you to a reputable folding service provider.

What is ‘Pregal’?

‘Pregal’ is industry jargon for a square or rectangular tube that has been galvanised at the rolling mill. Duragal and Allgal are some of the more recognised brand names.

What size product/s do I need?

Edcon Steel representatives are unable to provide any engineering advice.

You will need to obtain advice from an engineer, builder or another qualified person, who will specify the size of the section you require.

Do you sell 304 stainless steel?

Yes, we do sell 304 stainless steel. However, as we keep only 316 stainless steel in stock, it can take some time to order in store as it is only available cut by the full length or sheet.

If you require smaller pieces, we recommend purchasing 316 stainless steel, which we keep in stock and sell in smaller portions.

Do you sell fasteners (nuts, bolts and screws)?

While each Edcon Steel store has a small selection of fastener products available instore, we have access to the full range of fasteners through Bomond Trading, an Edcon Steel owned store based in Brookvale.

If our Edcon Steel store doesn’t have the fastener you are looking for, please speak to an Edcon Steel salesperson to arrange for the products to be sent from Bomond Trading.

Do you sell anodised aluminium?

No, Edcon Steel stores stock and sell only mill finish aluminium.

What does mill finish mean?

Mill finish refers to products that are ‘raw’ and in the same condition as they were when manufactured.

The exception to this rule is primed SHS and RHS, which come with a blue or black primer, which prevents surface rust from forming while being transported and stored.

Can you powder coat or paint my items?

While we can’t powder coat or paint your items, we are happy to deliver your goods to a powder coater or painting company.

How do you deliver my order?

Edcon Steel offers multiple options for delivery, depending on the size of the products and/or order, and delivery location.

  • Edcon crane equipped trucks: Only available for delivery in Sydney metropolitan area, Bathurst and Orange.
  • Australia Post: For orders up to 22kg and 1000mm. Available Australia wide.
  • Courier: Up to 1800mm for Sydney metropolitan area and interstate deliveries.
  • Freight: Suitable for larger deliveries to rural and interstate deliveries.

NB: When ordering for interstate deliveries, it is advantageous to have any steel pieces cut as short as possible, as length surcharges may apply.

Can you use the crane on the truck to install the steel on my job site?

Our trucks are fitted with cranes to ensure safe unloading on site. We are not able to install your steel or put it into place on the job for you.

Can you track orders?

  • Edcon crane equipped trucks: All Edcon Steel vehicles are equipped with full tracking and CCTV recording.
  • Australia Post: Unless express post is requested and paid, we send through standard post and can provide the Auspost tracking number.
  • Courier: Tracking numbers can be provided.
  • Freight: Tracking is only available through certain freight companies. If tracking is essential, please talk to a customer service representative before ordering.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Delivery charges will vary depending on the location, size of order and delivery method.

All delivery charges will be quoted at the time of order placement or quote request.

How long will my order take?

Order times will vary for each customer and can be impacted by a number of factors, including the amount of cutting services required, stock availability and quantity.

Your Edcon Steel salesperson will be able to provide more assistance at the time of order placement.

Can I pick up my order in store?

We encourage customers to collect their orders in store where possible. However, an appropriate vehicle for the size and type of material is essential.

Please review our safe loading guide prior to collecting your order.

Do you offer refunds?

Edcon Steel offers full refunds for all non-cut items. Refunds and credits are made in line with our terms and conditions. Please note that any custom-cut item or product is not eligible for a refund or store credit.

Do you offer refunds on promotional products or sale items?

Unless stated on the promotion, the normal conditions apply, based on the invoiced value.

My order is damaged. Can I get a refund?

If Edcon Steel is at fault, we offer a full refund or replacement. If your order has been damaged in transit, please contact Edcon Steel.

Please note, Edcon Steel is not responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of inappropriate or unsafe unload locations (e.g. where items may be weather damaged or stolen) or where Edcon Steel’s advice for packaging and delivery was not heeded.

What if I receive the wrong product?

If you have received a product that you did not order, please contact Edcon Steel immediately. Do not perform any work with/to the goods, as we are unable to accept a return if the product has been changed in any way.

Do you offer warranties on your products?

Edcon Steel passes on any warranty that is provided by the manufacturer.

How can I pay for my order?

Edcon Steel offers a variety of payment methods to suit the needs of our customers.

Accepted payment methods include:

  • Cash
  • VisaCard
  • MasterCard
  • Direct bank transfer (Please note that the order will not proceed until Edcon Steel management is in receipt of cleared funds.)

Do you supply test certificates?

Edcon Steel can only supply test certificates for items by prior arrangement. We require a written request for test certificates to be made with, or before, order placement. Please include details of all standards or material specifications required in your written request. Charges may apply. Edcon Steel Pty Ltd does not supply any warranty or statement about the fitness of products for your particular application. Please ensure you have appropriate advice from a professional before placing your order.

A Captcha error has appeared on the payment screen. What should I do?

Captcha errors can appear when the payment window has been open for too long. To resolve, simply refresh your browser and try again.

Why haven’t I received a verification email?

Your email account may have strict spam or virus filters that prevent you from receiving your verification email. An Edcon Steel representative is automatically advised and will make contact as soon as possible.

Why can't I log in to my account?

The most common reason for issues with log-in is the browser you are using. Not all website browsers (including Internet Explorer) are fully supported. To resolve these issues, try browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

How do I change my account password?

To change your password, simply log out of your account and upon re-entry, select ‘forgot password’. Follow the instructions to reset your password.

How do I change my personal details in my Edcon Steel account? 

To edit your personal details in your Edcon Steel account, simply follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Edcon Account.
2. Click on the profile icon at the top right corner of the page.
3. Select ‘Account’.
4. Select ‘Change’ on either your profile or billing address (whichever you wish to change).
5. Edit your details as required.
6. Click ‘Update’.

Your details are now updated.

How do I change the email address linked to my account?

Unfortunately, this process cannot be done online. To change your email address, please send your new email details to sales@edconsteel.com.au with both your new and old addresses, as well as your contact phone number and we will update it manually for you.

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