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Enhanced steel cutting capability at Edcon Steel

It’s important to us at Edcon Steel that we continue to evolve and innovate our capabilities so we can provide our customers with the best service and results.

In line with this, we recently upgraded our steel cutting facilities at both our Brookvale and Blacktown stores. The existing equipment was dated and increasingly inaccurate and unreliable.

Providing our customers with accurate steel cuts in a timely manner is crucial to our business, so the decision to upgrade was a ‘no brainer’.

Our new steel cutting equipment

Our new steel cutting equipment

The steel cutting saws we have introduced to our stores are high quality and purpose built for heavy steel and metal cutting. They are heavy duty and reliable, so we can keep our commitments to our customers.

In our Blacktown store we have two new saws – Everising H-460HB and Everising H-360HB. In the Brookvale store we have introduced the Everising H-360HB and Everising S4622A.

These saws are the latest and greatest in steel cutting technologies, so we can move forward with our equipment to provide the best service to our customers.

Everising Dual Column Bandsaw H-460HB

Everising Dual Column Bandsaw H-460HB

This is a powerful fully automatic bandsaw with an impressive list of features. This is a welcome addition to the cutting capacity at our Blacktown Steel Store.

With the Everising H-460HB, we can cut to the following:

Square capacity: 460 H x 500 W
Round capacity: 460mm
Bundle cutting height: 120 – 230mm
Bundle cutting width: 195 – 310mm

The saw features dual columns that support the cutting head, which allows for enhanced stability and cutting performance and auto-material detection. It’s a dream for our team to operate and it gives you a better cut.

Everising Dual Column Bandsaw H-360HB

Everising Dual Column Bandsaw H-360HB

The smaller cousin of the H-460HB is the Everising H-360HB. Two of these machines have been installed – one at the Blacktown Steel Store and one at the Brookvale Steel Store. With many of the same features of the larger model, this machine offers clean and accurate cuts to the following sizes:

Square capacity: 360 H x 360 W
Round capacity: 360mm
Bundle cutting height: 50 – 160mm
Bundle cutting width: 180 – 280mm

Everising Swivel Head Bandsaw S4622A

Everising Swivel Head Bandsaw S4622A

The final new addition to our steel cutting lineup is the Everising S4622A semi-automatic double mitre cutting bandsaw. All our staff at the Brookvale Steel Store are happy to have this new machine up and running. The performance and reliability of the new saw has made a real improvement to our turn around times for our customers.

With a bi-directional angle swivel and nesting fixture for bundle cutting, we can cut round and square bar to the following:

Round bar capacity: 330mm
Round bar capacity at +/- 45°: 305mm
Round bar capacity at – 60°: 250mm
Square bar capacity: 305 H x 460 W
Square bar capacity at +/- 45°: 305 H x 305 W
Square bar capacity at – 60°: 250 H x 250 W

Garrick Herbert BS150W

Garrick Herbert BS150W

While our larger saws do a great job of cutting the majority of our products, they do struggle with small and thin product. The large saws can damage or deform the end of thin material… and the thin material can also cause damage to the saws by stripping the large teeth from the blades.

For this reason, all our steel stores will also be receiving a Garrick Herbert BS150W bandsaw. These saws have 14 TPI blades so we can safely and accurately cut small diameter brass and stainless steel as well as thin aluminum and brass flats, angles and channels.

The new saws can cut to the following capacity:

Rectangle capacity: 150 H x 140W
Round capacity: 150mm

All your steel cutting needs at Edcon Steel

Edcon Steel is Australia’s most comprehensive online steel and metal superstore. Whether you’re a local and want to pop into one of our steel stores or you prefer to order online and have your steel and metal shipped to your door, our new steel cutting equipment will help us get the job done faster and more accurately than ever before.

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