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Tubular Steel - Pipe (CHS) Gal

Primed Mild Steel Pipe available in various sizes

Edcon Steel sells a wide range of tubular round mild steel and Hot Dip Galvanised pipes to cater to various customer needs. Our pipes, also known as Circular Hollow Sections (CHS), come in a range of grades, finishes and materials, with standard or scheduled sizes. We stock and cut a comprehensive range of sizes to meet diverse application requirements, including schedule or line pipes based on ASTM sizes. Our stocked mild steel pipes adhere to Australian Standards AS1074/1163 C250L0 for mild steel.

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Mill Finish is a Primed Mild Steel Pipe manufactured to AS1163 or AS1074 in grades G250 – G350 or G450. Pipe is also known as CHS (Circular Hollow Section). These are supplied with a primer coat to extend shel life Care should be taken in selection of your pipe product as if you have certain specific requirements or specifications to be met the ”off the shelf” pipe may NOT be right for your application. Please contact us with if you have any questions.


Mild Steel pipes or Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) are:

  • High Strength to weight ratio
  • Easy to weld and fabricate using standard processes
  • Lower carbon content
  • Common ranges are readily available
  • Large ranges of fittings and accessories available for many applications

Common Applications 

Our steel pipes are used for a vast array of applications. We curate our stock to help you find the pipe necessary for your project. Typical applications for tubular steel pipes (CHS) include:

  • Structural – Columns and Frames
  • Mechanical – pipe and gas transfer
  • General Engineering
  • Furniture
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Fencing
  • Rural and Agriculture

Edcon Steel Tips

These pipe sizes are not to be confused with Tube sizes.  There are a huge variety of tubes available also at mild steel ERW tube .  Best described as a thin wall pipe, but the standard sizes will differ from our pipe schedule sizes.  Our steel stores are well stocked in Pipe with 350 grade mild steel, 316 Stainless Steel, 6060 Grade Aluminium and brass.   All of our stocked Pipes (CHS) can be cut to your requirements, and you can take part lengths or cut pieces while only paying for what you need (cutting charges apply).  

Our Stores will stock Circular Hollow Sections in the manufactured lengths.  The stocked length, as well as the sizes (schedule sizes), will vary according to the material grade.  The changes in length may be small, however, we recommend customers do their research on the lengths that their selected product comes in.  A small change in the design lengths, can lead to greater product yield and less waste – which saves money.

Electricians Service poles are a common use for our Hot Dip Galvanised pipes .  We stock pipe sizes accordingly. We also have stock of quick-set cement and j-bolts to provide a one stop shop for our electricians. 

We stock pre-cut hot dip galvanised fence posts & stay sizes  at our Rural Sites. Please view our range here.

We also have many accessories to suit our ranges of Hot Dip Galvanised Pipes including plastic caps and metal post caps.

NOTE : Australian Pipe & Tube Mills make very little Hot Dip Galvanised Pipe, it is very hard to source and will be expensive compared to imported pipes due to scale. Most Hot Dip Galvanised Pipes in Australia will be imported from mills in India, UAE, Pakistan or China. Quality & manufacturing standards vary from Mill to Mill. Take caution when sourcing this product for critical applications.


Mild Circular Square Hollow Sections are typically Electro-Resistance Welded (ERW), resulting in an external seam that is scarfed off for a smooth finish. However, the internal weld seam protrudes on the tube’s inner face, crucial for customers considering ‘Telescoping’ for applications like extending or sleeving parts. 

Refer to our telescoping chart on our website. We offer accessories for Circular Hollow Sections (CHS), including plastic caps, metal post caps, and mild steel base plates for creating posts and columns.

Surface Protections and Coatings

Pipe or Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) are primed with a black, 10-20 microns Dry Film Thickness (DFT) general-purpose paint applied to the external surface. The paint provides temporary rust protection, reduces surface preparation, is strippable for powder coating and hot-dip galvanising and is easily marked up for welding.

The internal surfaces of tubes are challenging to access, making coating difficult. To prevent corrosion, especially in mild steel Hollow sections, it’s crucial to avoid moisture entry. For harsh environments or marine applications like boat trailers, hot-dip galvanising is necessary for economical surface protection on the outside and inside hollow steel sections.

Hot Dip Galvanised Pipe (CHS) has a thicker coating than inline processes, around three times thicker than a “pregal” finish, providing enhanced protection through the hot-dip galvanising process.

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