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Tubular Steel - Rectangular Box (RHS) Painted

Rectangular Hollow Steel Tubes available in various sizes

Edcon Steel stocks a diverse range of Tubular Steel Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS) or Rectangular Steel Tubes in various grades, finishes and materials, including metric sizes. Our stores are well-equipped with dual grade or 350-grade mild steel RHS tubes. You can customise the length of our stocked RHS, opting for part lengths or cut pieces based on your specific requirements (cutting charges apply). Additionally, Square Hollow Sections are available in manufactured lengths at our stores.

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RHS Mill Finish is a Rectangular Hollow Steel Tubes – Grade C350L0 manufactured and tested to comply with the requirements of the following of AS/NZS 1163 Cold-formed structural steel hollow sections (Grade C350L0). The Primed finish is applied in-line using a patented process.


Mild Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS) are cold-formed Electro-Resistance Welded (ERW) steel tubes with a consistent finish and rounded edges, offering enhanced strength. We will scarf off the external weld seam to give a smooth finish while the internal weld seam remains protruding. Various grades of Mild steel RHS are available, so choose carefully based on your application requirements.

Steel RHS, preferred for columns and posts, has higher strength-to-weight ratios than other profiles. The flat square faces facilitate easy construction and attachment to other items. RHS is widely used and renowned for its smooth finish, lack of sharp edges and minimal cleanup after fabrication.

Common Applications

Our RHS tubular steel are used for a variety of applications. Our stock holdings are selected to help you get the RHS you need to get your job done. Typical RHS applications are:

Structural – Columns and Frames

Mechanical – frames and assemblies

General Engineering



Trailers and Truck bodies



Rural and Agriculture

Edcon Steel Tips

Stocked lengths and sizes (metric or imperial) vary based on material grade and size. Even small changes in design lengths can improve product yield and reduce waste, saving money. For fencing needs, discuss requirements with our branches. We stock pre-cut fence posts in Australian-made 350 or Dual grade AS/NZS1163 material, ensuring superior strength and quality compared to cheaper alternatives. Our customers have reported no quality problems. For telescoping Square Hollow tubes, see our telescoping chart.

Surface Preparation and Coatings

Surface protection is crucial in tubular construction, especially for Square Hollow Section (SHS), Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS), or Circular Hollow Section (CHS). As internal surfaces are hard to access, preventing moisture entry is essential to avoid corrosion, particularly in mild steel sections lacking surface treatment or rust inhibitors.

Hot-dip galvanising is the economical choice for harsh environments or marine applications like boat trailers, providing comprehensive surface protection inside and outside hollow steel sections.

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