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Mild Steel Structural Column Grade 300 Plus

Stock Code Description Dimensions (mm) Standard Length (mm) Kg per Unit
buc.100UC14 100UC14.8 Mill Finish 97 X 99 - 7MM FLANGE & 5MM WEB 9000|12000 14.80kg View Price
buc.150UC23.4 150UC23.4 Mill Finish 152 X 152 - 6.8MM FLANGE & 6.1MM WEB 9000|13500|15000|18000 23.40kg View Price
buc.150UC30 150UC30.0 Mill Finish 158 X 153 - 9.4MM FLANGE & 6.6MM WEB 9000|13500|15000|18000 30.00kg View Price
buc.150UC37 150UC37.2 Mill Finish 162 X 154 - 11.5MM FLANGE & 8.1MM WEB 9000|13500|15000|18000 37.20kg View Price
buc.200UC46 200UC46.2 Mill Finish 203 X 203 - 11MM FLANGE & 7.3MM WEB 9000|13500|15000|16500|18000 46.20kg View Price
buc.200UC52.2 200UC52.2 Mill Finish 206 X 204 - 12.5MM FLANGE & 8MM WEB 9000|12000|13500|15000|18000 52.20kg View Price
buc.200UC59.5 200UC59.5 Mill Finish 210 X 205 - 14.2MM FLANGE & 9.3MM WEB 9000|13500|15000|18000 59.50kg View Price
buc.250UC73 250UC72.9 Mill Finish 254 X 254 - 14.2MM FLANGE & 8.6MM WEB 13500|15000|16500|18000|20000 72.90kg View Price
buc.250UC89 250UC89.5 Mill Finish 260 X 256 - 17.3MM FLANGE & 10.5MM WEB 13500|15000|16500|18000 89.50kg View Price
BUC.310UC97 310uc96.8 Mill Finish 308 X 305 - 15.4MM FLANGE & 9.9MM WEB 13500|15000|16500|18000 96.80kg View Price
BUC.310UC118 310UC118 Mill Finish 315 X 307 - 18.7MM FLANGE & 11.9MM WEB 12000|15000|16500|18000 118.00kg View Price
BUC.310UC137 310UC137.0 Mill Finish 321 X 309 - 21.7MM FLANGE & 13.8MM WEB 9000|15000|16500|18000 137.00kg View Price
BUC.310UC158 310UC158 Mill Finish 327 X 311 - 25MM FLANGE & 15.7MM WEB 15000|16500|18000 158.00kg View Price


Edcon Steel can supply all your structural Universal Columns ('UCs") for your next job.  Edcon Steel specialises in custom fabricated and cut to size structural steel Universal Columns.  Structural Steel UCs are made from Hot Rolled Steel, they are H-shaped using mild steel grade 300 plus.  Similar in most respects to a Structural Beams or UB, UCs will have a flange width equal to the height of the beam.  There is also more steel in the cross sectional area ie. stronger than UBs for the same size.  We are proud to say where ever possible we will stock Australian made Structural Steel Columns (or Universal Columns).  All our stocked PFCs are made to AS/NZS 3679.1 and can be certified to this standard where requested prior to your order.


Manufactured from 300 Plus ® grade mild steel. Properties can viewed here.

Sizes, dimensions and weight information, as well as mechanical properties and yield strengths for Structural Steel Universal Columns are available from the manufactures guide to Hot Rolled Structural Steel Products.

Common Applications

Structural Steel universal columns are a versatile solution for buildings for

  1. Structural Columns
  2. Posts
  3. Strutting Beams
  4. Floor Bearer Beams
  5. Veranda Beams
  6. Lintel Beams
  7. Rafters.  

Please check out our blog about Builders Steel.   There is also a guide for builders and owner builders to use to get assistance with design and sizing and applications of Structural Steel Columns for Domestic and House Building.

Edcon Steel Tips

  1. If you have limited head room or head height in your building and require a narrower steel beam to span the distance then Universal Columns may be an option for you.  Due to the increased steel cross-section the smaller beams may be used - check with your engineer or builder.
  2. All steel UCs can be cut to your sizes and delivered to your site (subject to our delivery options).  Please review our sizes here and all items can be customised and quoted online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
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