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ERW - Pipe Pipe (CHS) API 5LB/ASTM A53 GrB AS1163 C350

Stock Code Description Dimensions (mm) Standard Length (mm) Kg per Unit
ERW.60.39 60.3x3.91 (50NB Std Wt) ERW API 5L 60.3 x 3.91 (50NB Std Wt) 12000 5.44kg View Price
ERW.60.55 60.3x5.54 (50NB Sch80) A106B Seamless 60.3 x 5.54 (50NB Sch80) 12000 5.44kg View Price
ERW.73.52 73.0x5.20 (65NB Std Wt) ERW API 5L 73.0 x 5.20 (65NB Std Wt) 12000 8.69kg View Price
ERW.73.7 73.0x7.0 (65NB Sch80) ERW API 5L 73.0x7.0 (65NB Sch80) 12000 11.41kg View Price
ERW.88.55 88.9x5.49 (80NB Std Wt) ERW API 5L 88.9 x 5.49 (80NB Std Wt) 12000 11.29kg View Price
ERW.88.76 88.9x7.62 (80NB XS) ERW API 5L 88.9 x 7.62 (80NB XS) 12000 15.27kg View Price
ERW.101.57 101.6x5.7 (90NB x 5.7) ERW API 5L 101.6x5.7 (90NB x 5.7) 12000 13.57kg View Price
ERW.101.81 101.6x8.1 (90NB x 8.1) ERW API 5L 101.6 X 8.1 12000 18.36kg View Price
ERW.114.48 114.3x4.78 (100NB x 4.78) ERW API 5L 114.3 x 4.78 (100NB x 4.78) 12000 12.96kg View Price
ERW.114.60 114.3x6.02 (100NB Std Wt) ERW API 5L 114.3 x 6.02 (100NB Std Wt) 12000 16.07kg View Price
ERW.114.85 114.3x8.56 (100NB XS) ERW API 5L 114.3 x 8.56 (100NB XS) 12000 22.32kg View Price
ERW.127.48 127.0x4.8 (127OD x 4.8) ERW API 5L 127.0x4.8 (127OD x 4.8) 12000 14.46kg View Price
ERW.141.48 141.3x4.8 (125NB x 4.8) ERW API 5L 141.3x4.8 (125NB x 4.8) 12000 16.16kg View Price
ERW.141.65 141.3x6.55 (125NB Std Wt) ERW API 5L 141.3 x 6.55 (125NB Std Wt) 12000 21.77kg View Price
ERW.141.95 141.3x9.5 (125NB Sch80) ERW API 5L 141.3x9.5 (125NB Sch80) 12000 31.00kg View Price