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304 Stainless Steel Sheet & Plate Stainless - 304 2b Mill Finished

Stock Code Description Dimensions (mm) Standard Length (mm) Kg per Unit
304.2B.0.45.1220.2440 0.45mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x2440 0.45 2440 x 1220 12.50kg View Price
304.2B.0.55.1220.2440 0.55mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x2440 0.55 2440 x 1220 14.11kg View Price
304.2B.0.7.1220.2440 0.7mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x2440 0.7 2440 x 1220 19.29kg View Price
304.2B.0.9.1220.2440 0.9mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x2440 0.9 2440 x 1220 23.16kg View Price
304.2B.1.2.1220.2440 1.2mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x2440 1.2 2440 x 1220 29.59kg View Price
304.2B.1.6.1220.2440 1.6mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x2440 1.6 2440 x 1220 41.14kg View Price
304.2B.2.1220.2440 2.0mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x2440 2 2440 x 1220 51.41kg View Price
304.2B.2.5.1220.2440 2.5mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x2440 2.5 2440 x 1220 62.96kg View Price
304.2B.3.1220.2440 3.0mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x2440 3 2440 x 1220 75.85kg View Price
304.2B.0.45.1220.1830 0.45mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x1830 0.45 1220 x 1830 9.38kg View Price
304.2B.0.55.915.2440 0.55mm #4 304 Sheet 915x2440 0.55 915 x 2440 10.58kg View Price
304.2B.0.7.1220.1830 0.7mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x1830 0.7 1220 x 1830 14.47kg View Price
304.2B.0.9.1220.1830 0.9mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x1830 0.9 1220 x 1830 17.37kg View Price
304.2B.0.9.1220.3050 0.9mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x3050 0.9 1220 x 3050 28.95kg View Price
304.2B.1.2.1220.1830 1.2mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x1830 1.2 1220 x 1830 22.19kg View Price
304.2B.1.2.1220.3050 1.2mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x3050 1.2 1220 x 3050 36.99kg View Price
304.2B.1.2.915.1830 1.2mm 2B 304 Sheet 915x1830 1.2 915 x 1830 16.64kg View Price
304.2B.1.2.915.2440 1.2mm 2B 304 Sheet 915x2440 1.2 915 x 2440 22.19kg View Price
304.2B.1.6.1220.1830 1.6mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x1830 1.6 1220 x 1830 30.85kg View Price
304.2B.1.6.1220.3050 1.6mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x3050 1.6 1220 x 3050 51.42kg View Price
304.2B.1.6.915.1830 1.6mm 2B 304 Sheet 915x1830 1.6 915 x 1830 23.14kg View Price
304.2B.1.6.915.2440 1.6mm 2B 304 Sheet 915x2440 1.6 915 x 2440 30.85kg View Price
304.2B.2.1220.1830 2.0mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x1830 2 1220 x 1830 38.56kg View Price
304.2B.2.1220.3050 2.0mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x3050 2 1220 x 3050 64.26kg View Price
304.2B.2.5.1220.1830 2.5mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x1830 2.5 1220 x 1830 47.22kg View Price
304.2B.2.5.1220.3050 2.5mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x3050 2.5 1220 x 3050 78.70kg View Price
304.2B.2.915.1830 2.0mm 2B 304 Sheet 915x1830 2 915 x 1830 28.92kg View Price
304.2B.2.915.2440 2.0mm 2B 304 Sheet 915x2440 2 915 x 2440 38.56kg View Price
304.2B.3.1220.1830 3.0mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x1830 3 1220 x 2440 56.89kg View Price
304.2B.3.1220.3050 3.0mm 2B 304 Sheet 1220x3050 3 1220 x 3050 94.81kg View Price
304.2B.3.915.1830 3.0mm 2B 304 Sheet 915x1830 3 915 x 1830 42.66kg View Price
304.2B.3.915.2440 3.0mm 2B 304 Sheet 915x2440 3 915 x 2440 56.89kg View Price


Edcon Steel sells a variety of round 304grade stainless sheet steel for many architectural, marine and fluid applications .  When ordering  304 Stainless Steel Sheet Steel it is important to consider and specify the surface finish appropriate for your application/s.  Hot rolled annealed, descaled, cold rolled and skin passed 2B Finish stainless steel stocked in 0.75mm to 3mm thickness can be cut to your sizes with our guillotining service (in full sheet quantities). 


2B finish 304 Grade Stainless steel Sheet is stocked in standard 1220 x 2440 mm sheets.  This is the most common finish for sheet stainless steel.  


Common Applications

304 Grade Stainless steel 2B Steel sheets are used for various of applications.  Applications include:

  1. Furniture
  2. Architectural
  3. Kitchen
  4. Handrails and Balustrades


Edcon Steel Tips

  1. Fast, Accurate precision profile cutting of simple or complex components can be offered to customers to have your job custom cut.  Send us your CAD, DXF or PDF files and schedules to allow quick and easy quoting here
  2. All our stocked 2B finish 304 Grade Stainless Steel Sheet can be guillotine cut to your cutting lists in store*.  (* charges apply)
  3. The changes in sizes may be small, however, we recommend customers do their research on the lengths & widths that their selected product comes in.  A small change in the design lengths & widths, can lead to greater product yield and less waste - saving you money.


Surface Protections and Coatings

2B Finish is a bright, moderately reflective finish that is bright and suitable for all manner of general applications .  2B Finish is the most common finish of Stainless Steel Sheet.  One of the most important considerations for the performance and appearance Stainless Steels is cleanliness.  Surfaces need to be kept free from particles of other metals especially alloy or carbon steels.  Timber also has contaminants that will leech and stain stainless steels.

Due to the variety of finishes available in stainless steels, Edcon Steel strongly recommends you discuss your requirements with your designer or fabricator.


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