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Celebrating our long-term staff

By Hugh Edmunds, Managing Director Edcon Steel

One of the best things about Edcon Steel is the myriad of people who have committed themselves to the business over the past 50 years.

From welders to storemen, sales staff to truck drivers, I am very proud of our expert team members who choose to spend their days working with us.

It is the commitment of these people that makes Edcon Steel what it is today—an industry leader in steel supply.

We are so proud to be celebrating our long-term staff members, Alan, Mick and Geoff, and their 20-year journey with Edcon Steel.

A 20-year journey with Edcon Steel

A 20-year journey with Edcon Steel

We talk about our great stock and our modern equipment, our easy-to-use website and our delivery offerings, but really when it comes down to it, it is our people who make all the difference.

It is undoubtedly the most satisfying part of running a team: having team members who are so committed and dedicated that they spend 20 years (and more) working with us to help us, and our customers, do what we do.

Alan, Mick and Geoff join Linda, Grant and myself in the growing group of staff who have over 20 years of continuous service to Edcon Steel.

I think this is Edcon Steel’s greatest strength, our commitment to developing and supporting our people over decades, so they can continue to deliver the great service our customers expect.

Personally, I am so proud of these guys and their contribution to our business.

Alan Owens

Alan Owens

Alan has been a key contributor to the growth and development of our steel stores.

His perseverance and dedication to continue to push Edcon Steel have been of enormous value.

Alan is always looking for a better way to do things, in everything we do.

Michael Drummond

Michael Drummond

Michael has been a friendly face at our Revesby Steel Store for over 20 years.

The regular customers would all be familiar with Michael and his wealth of knowledge on the sizes and types of steel we have available at our Revesby Store.

Michael has been a cornerstone at Revesby and the best part is… that he still is.

Geoff Emanuelli

Geoff Emanuelli

Geoff was our powerhouse on the factory floor at our Revesby Steel Store for his first 15 years.

Like all of us, the years caught up, so we were lucky that Geoff agreed to have a shot at working on the sales counter in customer service.

This has been a great addition to our service team, as Geoff has years of experience on the factory floor and helping with the practical aspects of what we can, and cannot, do at the Revesby Steel Store.

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