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Metal and steel deliveries to your door

You’ll see our Edcon Steel trucks delivering orders across Sydney and Central Western NSW every day. Our team of drivers deliver to farms and inner city terraces, zoos and constructions sites. They navigate the bumps in the road to get your steel deliveries to you.

And for our customers located beyond our truck delivery region, we utilise a range of freight options. No matter where you are in Australia, you can order steel online and we can cut your order to size and deliver it to your door – even for long lengths.

Country roads

Country roads

A GPS might be enough to get you around the big smoke, but for our drivers in rural areas, a GPS will only get you so far.

Our Orange customers now know Andrew Broome as the smiling face that greets them at the sales counter when they enter the store… however most customers have already met Andrew during his stint as our rural delivery driver. He’s made steel deliveries all over the central west region so he understands the challenges of country roads.

And from his delivery experience, he knows the right questions to ask customers about their delivery sites now that he is in the sales role.

“For one delivery I drove from Orange to Bathurst to load the truck, which then needed to go two hours out from Bathurst. We were given directions how to find the property but we ended up in the middle of nowhere with no phone service and it took ages to find the house. That’s why we try to get the mud maps, so when there is no phone signal, we have the best possible directions.”

In any one day our rural drivers can do 10+ deliveries in all directions.

“There is always something different going on, no matter where you go,” says Andrew. “The scenery is amazing. I’ve met some really good people out on the road. The farmers will always offer to help and we have a good yarn. It really makes the job much easier.”

City streets

City streets

For Brian Wall, our Blacktown Store truck driver, the experience of navigating the city streets presents a different challenge to the long stretches of open road in the rural areas. Brian explains:

“The traffic doesn’t worry me, but there have been so many changes around the city with the trams and the addition of new one-way streets. But the views around the city are one of the best parts of the job. One of my favourite spots is Garden Island – the views of the city and the harbour are beautiful.

Often, I will do multiple deliveries to the same location and I really enjoy seeing the progress of our customers’ projects.

During one of the first steel deliveries I made to the Banana Cabana they took me through and showed me the cages with the monkeys and explained what they were doing. I probably made a dozen deliveries and saw the progress of the project until it was basically finished. Similarly, for the new Sydney Zoo. I would often drive the deliveries on site and towards the end of the project they were telling me about the animals coming in.”

Smooth steel deliveries

Smooth steel deliveries

There are some things we can’t control – like the traffic and weather – but we do our best to fulfil your order with no fuss and bother. Each truck is fitted with a crane so we can unload it quickly and easily.

To help us ensure smooth steel deliveries, there are a few things you can do to help.

“Obviously it helps if we have really good directions or mud maps so we can easily find the property,” says Andrew. “We always call the customer before we head out to check where they want us to leave the order. It helps if the customer knows where they want the order to be delivered on their property and moves any vehicles etc that may be blocking access.

I’m quite surprised at how many houses don’t have a number,” adds Brian. “Sometimes I know I’m on the right street, but it’s really difficult to locate the house for the delivery. It’s also really helpful if I know where to leave the order if the customer isn’t going to be home.”

Buy steel online from Edcon Steel

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