Precision Ground Square Bar Metric 500mm

Stock Code Description Dimensions (mm) Standard Length (mm) Kg per Unit
fgssq.10.1000 10mm Square FGS x 1000mm 10 x 10 1000 0.785kg View Product
fgssq.10.500 10mm Square FGS x 500mm 10 x 10 500 0.3925kg View Product
fgssq.12.1000 12mm Square FGS x 1000mm 12 x 12 1000 1.1304kg View Product
fgssq.12.500 12mm Square FGS x 500mm 12 x 12 500 0.5652kg View Product
fgssq.15.1000 15mm Square FGS x 1000mm 15 x 15 1000 1.76625kg View Product
fgssq.15.500 15mm Square FGS x 500mm 15 x 15 500 0.883125kg View Product
fgssq.20.1000 20mm Square FGS x 1000mm 20 x 20 1000 3.14kg View Product
fgssq.20.500 20mm Square FGS x 500mm 20 x 20 500 1.57kg View Product
fgssq.25.1000 25mm Square FGS x 1000mm 25 x 25 1000 4.90625kg View Product
fgssq.25.500 25mm Square FGS x 500mm 25 x 25 500 2.453125kg View Product
fgssq.3.1000 3mm Square FGS x 1000mm 3 x 3 1000 0.07065kg View Product
fgssq.3.500 3mm Square FGS x 500mm 3 x 3 500 0.035325kg View Product
fgssq.30.1000 30mm Square FGS x 1000mm 30 1000 7.065kg View Product
fgssq.30.500 30mm Square FGS x 500mm 30 500 3.5325kg View Product
fgssq.4.1000 4mm Square FGS x 1000mm 4 x 4 1000 0.1256kg View Product
fgssq.4.500 4mm Square FGS x 500mm 4 x 4 500 0.0628kg View Product
fgssq.40.1000 40mm Square FGS x 1000mm 40 x 40 1000 12.56kg View Product
fgssq.40.500 40mm Square FGS x 500mm 40 x 40 500 6.28kg View Product
fgssq.45.1000 45mm Square FGS x 1000mm 45 x 45 1000 15.89625kg View Product
fgssq.45.500 45mm Square FGS x 500mm 45 x 45 500 7.948125kg View Product
fgssq.5.1000 5mm Square FGS x 1000mm 5 x 5 1000 0.19625kg View Product
fgssq.5.500 5mm Square FGS x 500mm 5 x 5 500 0.098125kg View Product
fgssq.50.1000 50mm Square FGS x 1000mm 50 x 50 1000 19.625kg View Product
fgssq.50.500 50mm Square FGS x 500mm 50 x 50 500 9.8125kg View Product
fgssq.6.1000 6mm Square FGS x 1000mm 6 x 6 1000 0.2826kg View Product
fgssq.6.500 6mm Square FGS x 500mm 6 x 6 500 0.1413kg View Product
fgssq.8.1000 8mm Square FGS x 1000mm 8 x 8 1000 0.5024kg View Product
fgssq.8.500 8mm Square FGS x 500mm 8 x 8 500 0.2512kg View Product

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