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Mild Steel Sheet & Plate Zincanneal

Stock Code Description Dimensions (mm) Standard Length (mm) Kg per Unit
zsht.55 0.55mm Zincanneal Sheet 0.55 2440 x 1220 4.60kg View Price
zsht.7 0.7mm Zincanneal Sheet 0.7 2440 x 1220 5.78kg View Price
zsht.9 0.9mm Zincanneal Sheet 0.9 2440 x 1220 7.35kg View Price
zsht.1.1 1.1mm Zincanneal Sheet 1.1 2440 x 1220 8.92kg View Price
zsht.1.5 1.5mm Zincanneal Sheet 1.5 2440 x 1220 12.05kg View Price
zsht.1.9 1.9mm Zincanneal Sheet 1.9 2440 x 1220 15.19kg View Price


ZINCANNEAL® Cold Rolled Mild Steel Plate has heat treatment after the galvanizing process to convert the zinc/ iron alloy and gives ZINCANNEAL® a smooth finish without the spangle appearance of galvanised sheet. This is a handy product to work with on small jobs and repairs.


The coating has better adherence characteristic than galvanised steel allowing painting directly with high quality finish.  ZINCANNEAL®  Mild Steel Sheet is suitable to form and bend and is suitable as a finish surface on external panels (but must be painted).   This grade has good weldability and is easily welded or soldered, but care needs to be taken to repair damaged coatings. Common thicknesses are from 0.5mm up to 3.2mm thick.   You will find this product commonly available in coil form, however we do not stock coils.

Common Applications

ZINCANNEAL® Cold Rolled Mild Steel Sheet has a wide variety of applications,  it can be profile or laser cut, formed & bent, drilled and welded for use in :


Doors & Door Frames

Automotive Panels

Equipment and Truck Building

General Fabrication

Edcon Steel Tips


All our steel store will have guillotines available to cut ZINCANNEAL® cold rolled steel sheet to your custom sizes, and you will only pay for what you need* . 


Due to the cutting on site our branches hold plenty of smaller "offcuts" which may be available at a discounted rate to help with customer's smaller requirements.


Surface Preparation and Coatings

Most commonly know by its Tradename ZINCANNEAL®.  The regular coating thickness is Z275 or 275 grams of zinc coating per square metre.  The finish has a smooth even surface that can be painted directly to a high finish with little or no surface preparation needed.  ZINCANNEAL® steel must be painted for all external applications.

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