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Mild Steel Pipe (Circular Hollow Section) Galvanised Mild Steel

Stock Code Description Dimensions (mm) Standard Length (mm) Kg per Unit
xlgpe.20 26.9x2.0 (20NB XLGPE) Mill Galvanised 26.9 x 2.0 (20NB x LGPE) 6500 1.28kg View Price
xlgpe.25 33.7x2.0 (25NB XLGPE) Mill Galvanised 33.7 x 2.0 (25NB x LGPE) 6500 1.62kg View Price
xlgpe.32 42.4x2.0 (32NB XLGPE) Mill Galvanised 42.4 x 2.0 (32NB x LGPE) 6500 2.07kg View Price
xlgpe.40 48.3x2.3 (40NB XLGPE) Mill Galvanised 48.3 x 2.3 (40NB x LGPE) 6500 2.70kg View Price
xlgpe.50 60.3x2.3 (50NB XLGPE) Mill Galvanised 60.3 x 2.3 (50NB x LGPE) 6500 3.40kg View Price
xlgpe.80 88.9x2.6 (80NB XLGPE) Mill Galvanised 88.9 x 2.6 (80NB x LGPE) 6500 5.70kg View Price
xlgpe.90 101.6x2.6 (90NB XLGPE) Mill Galvanised 101.6 x 2.6 (90NB x LGPE) 6500 6.53kg View Price
xlgpe.100 114.3x3.2 (100NB XLGPE) Mill Galvanised 114.3 x 3.2 (100NB x LGPE) 6500 8.98kg View Price
xlgpe.125 139.7x3.0 (125NB XLGPE) Mill Galvanised 139.7 x 3.0 (125NB x LGPE) 6500 10.37kg View Price
lgpe.15 21.3x2.0 (15NB LGPE) Mill Galvanised 21.3 x 2.0 (15NB LGPE) 6500 0.96kg View Price
lgpe.20 26.9x2.3 (20NB LGPE) Mill Galvanised 26.9 x 2.3 (20NB LGPE) 6500 1.44kg View Price
lgpe.25 33.7x2.6 (25NB LGPE) Mill Galvanised 33.7 x 2.6 (25NB LGPE) 6500 2.05kg View Price
lgpe.32 42.4x2.6 (32NB LGPE) Mill Galvanised 42.4 x 2.6 (32NB LGPE) 6500 2.63kg View Price
lgpe.40 48.3x2.9 (40NB LGPE) Mill Galvanised 48.3 x 2.9 (40NB LGPE) 6500 3.33kg View Price
lgpe.50 60.3x2.9 (50NB LGPE) Mill Galvanised 60.3 x 2.9 (50NB LGPE) 6500 4.21kg View Price
lgpe.65 76.1x3.2 (65NB LGPE) Mill Galvanised 76.1 x 3.2 (65NB LGPE) 6500 5.89kg View Price
lgpe.80 88.9x3.2 (80NB LGPE) Mill Galvanised 88.9 x 3.2 (80NB LGPE) 6500 6.93kg View Price
lgpe.90 101.6x3.2 (90NB LGPE) Mill Galvanised 101.6 x 3.2 (90NB LGPE) 6500 7.95kg View Price
lgpe.100 114.3x3.6 (100NB LGPE) Mill Galvanised 114.3 x 3.6 (100NB LGPE) 6500 10.04kg View Price
lgpe.125 139.7x3.5 (125NB LGPE) Mill Galvanised 139.7 x 3.5 (125NB LGPE) 6500 12.01kg View Price
mgpe.10 17.2x2.3 (10NB MGPE) Mill Galvanised 17.2 x 2.3 (10NB MGPE) 6500 1.10kg View Price
mgpe.15 21.3x2.6 (15NB MGPE) Mill Galvanised 21.3 x 2.6 (15NB MGPE) 6500 1.25kg View Price
mgpe.20 26.9x2.6 (20NB MGPE) Mill Galvanised 26.9 x 2.6 (20NB MGPE) 6500 1.62kg View Price
mgpe.25 33.7x3.2 (25NB MGPE) Mill Galvanised 33.7 x 3.2 (25NB MGPE) 6500 2.49kg View Price
mgpe.32 42.4x3.2 (32NB MGPE) Mill Galvanised 42.4 x 3.2 (32NB MGPE) 6500 3.20kg View Price
mgpe.40 48.3x3.2 (40NB MGPE) Mill Galvanised 48.3 x 3.2 (40NB MGPE) 6500 3.68kg View Price
mgpe.50 60.3x3.6 (50NB MGPE) Mill Galvanised 60.3 x 3.6 (50NB MGPE) 6500 5.18kg View Price
mgpe.65 76.1x3.6 (65NB MGPE) Mill Galvanised 76.1 x 3.6 (65NB MGPE) 6500 6.61kg View Price
mgpe.80 88.9x4.0 (80NB MGPE) Mill Galvanised 88.9 x 4.0 (80NB MGPE) 6500 8.58kg View Price
mgpe.90 101.6x4.0 (90NB MGPE) Mill Galvanised 101.6 x 4.0 (90NB MGPE) 6500 9.88kg View Price
mgpe.100 114.3x4.5 (100NB MGPE) Mill Galvanised 114.3 x 4.5 (100NB MGPE) 6500 12.40kg View Price
mgpe.125 139.7x5.0 (125NB MGPE) Mill Galvanised 139.7 x 5.0 (125NB MGPE) 6500 16.90kg View Price
mgpe.150 165.1x5.0 (150NB MGPE) Mill Galvanised 165.1 x 5.0 (150NB MGPE) 6500 20.10kg View Price
MGPE.200 219x4.8 (200NB GPE) Mill Galvanised 165.1 x 5.0 (150NB MGPE) 6000 27.00kg View Price
hgpe.15 21.3x3.2 (15NB HGPE) Mill Galvanised 21.3 x 3.2 (15NB HGPE) 6500 1.48kg View Price
hgpe.20 26.9x3.2 (20NB HGPE) Mill Galvanised 26.9 x 3.2 (20NB HGPE) 6500 1.93kg View Price
hgpe.25 33.7x4.0 (25NB HGPE) Mill Galvanised 33.7 x 4.0 (25NB HGPE) 6500 3.02kg View Price
hgpe.32 42.4x4.0 (32NB HGPE) Mill Galvanised 42.4 x 4.0 (32NB HGPE) 6500 3.90kg View Price
hgpe.40 48.3x4.0 (40NB HGPE) Mill Galvanised 48.3 x 4.0 (40NB HGPE) 6500 4.49kg View Price
hgpe.50 60.3x4.5 (50NB HGPE) Mill Galvanised 60.3 x 4.5 (50NB HGPE) 6500 6.33kg View Price
hgpe.65 76.1x4.5 (65NB HGPE) Mill Galvanised 76.1 x 4.5 (65NB HGPE) 6500 8.12kg View Price
hgpe.80 88.9x4.9 (80NB HGPE) Mill Galvanised 88.9 x 4.9 (80NB HGPE) 6500 10.50kg View Price
hgpe.90 101.6x4.9 (90NB HGPE) Mill Galvanised 101.6 x 4.9 (90NB HGPE) 6500 12.20kg View Price
hgpe.100 114.3x5.4 (100NB HGPE) Mill Galvanised 114.3 x 5.4 (100NB HGPE) 6500 14.80kg View Price
hgpe.125 139.7x5.4 (125NB HGPE) Mill Galvanised 139.7 x 5.4 (125NB HGPE) 6500 N/A View Price
hgpe.150 165.1x5.4 (150NB HGPE) Mill Galvanised 165.1 x 5.4 (150NB HGPE) 6500 21.70kg View Price


Edcon Steel sells a wide variety of round steel Hot Dip Galvanized pipe to all sorts of customers.  Pipe or Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) is available in a variety of grades, finishes and materials.  All Pipes are in standard sizes or a schedule of sizes.   We stock & cut a comprehensive range of these sizes. There is a vast array of types and sizes of pipe for all manner of different applications.  Pipe may be referred to as schedule pipe or line pipe and these are based on American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) sizes.  



Mild Steel pipes or Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) are :

High Strength to weight ratio

Easy to weld and fabricate using standard processes

Lower carbon content

Common ranges are readily available

Large ranges of fittings and accessories available for many applications


Common Applications

Our steel pipes are used for a vast array of applications. Our stock holdings are selected to help you get the pipe you need to get your job done.  Typical pipe applications are:

Structural - Columns and Frames

Mechanical - pipe and gas transfer

General Engineering





Rural and Agriculture

Steel water Pipes

Electrical Poles


Edcon Steel Tips

These pipe sizes are not to be confused with Tube sizes.  There are a huge verity of tube also available also at mild steel ERW tube .  The easiest way to describe tube would be a thin wall pipe, but the standard sizes will differ from our pipe schedule sizes.  Our steel stores are well stocked in Pipe with 350 grade mild steel, 316 Stainless Steel, 6060 Grade Aluminium and brass.   All of our stocked Pipes (CHS) can be cut to your requirements, and you can take part lengths or cut pieces while only paying for what you need (cutting charges apply).  Our Stores will stock Circular Hollow Sections in the manufactured lengths.  The stocked length, as well as the sizes (schedule sizes), will vary according to the material grade.  The changes in length may be small, however, we recommend customers do their research on the lengths that their selected product comes in.  A small change in the design lengths, can lead to greater product yield and less waste - saving you money.

Electricians Service poles are a common use for our Hot Dip Galvanized pipes .  We stock pipes sizes with this in mind and we sell hundreds of these every month.  We also have stock of quick-set cement and j-bolts to provide a one stop shop for our electricians. 

We stock pre-cut hot dip galvanized fence posts & stay sizes  at our Rural Sites please feel free to check out our range here.

We also have many accessories to suit our ranges of Hot Dip Galvanized Pipes. We have plastic caps, metal post caps and a wide range of . 

NOTE : Australian Pipe & Tube Mills make very little Hot Dip Galvanized Pipe, it very hard to source and will be expensive compared to imported pipes just because of scale. Most Hot Dip Galvanized Pipes in Australia will be imported from mills in India, UAE, Pakistan or China. Quality & manufacturing standards varies from Mill to Mill. Care needs to taken when sourcing this product for critical applications.


Most Mild Circular Square Hollow Sections will be Electro-Resistance Welded (ERW).  This welding process will result in a weld seam.  The external weld seam will be scarfed off resulting in a smooth finish on the external face, but the internal weld seam will remain protruding on the internal face of the tube.  This is important to any customer who is looking to "Telescope" their Round tube or pipe Section.  Telescoping of Circular Hollow tube is common to allow parts to sleeve together or to be extendable with one typically smaller CHS sliding inside a larger CHS.  There is a telescoping chart available on our website.

We also have many accessories to suit our ranges of Circular Hollow Section (CHS) we have plastic caps, metal post caps and mild steel base plates to suit our mild steel square hollow sections to enable our customer to make their own posts and columns. 

Surface Protections and Coatings

Hot Dip Galvanized Pipe(CHS) products are coated on the external and internal surface by hot-dip galvanizing process resulting in a higher coating thickness than inline processes.  The galvanizing process is conducted after manufacture following preparation of the metal surface to produce a fully inter-metallic bonded coating.  There will be all the surface variation and colour variation from Hot Dip Galvanizing but the coating will be around 3 times thicker than a "pregal" finish. 

Recommended Products

Pipe (CHS)

Pipe (CHS)

101.6x4.9 (90NB HGPE) Mill Galvanised

Pipe (CHS)

Pipe (CHS)

114.3x3.6 (100NB LGPE) Mill Galvanised

Pipe (CHS)

Pipe (CHS)

33.7x4.0 (25NB HGPE) Mill Galvanised


We cut all our steel products to size

You only pay for what you need. Just drop in for on the spot service


We’ll package it securely

Once cut to size, we’ll pack it safely so it makes it to you in perfect condition


Five stores across New South Wales

With five stores we provide fast and efficient delivery, for every sized job.