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Mild Steel Flat Bar Hot Dip Galvanised

Stock Code Description Dimensions (mm) Standard Length (mm) Kg per Unit
gfms.25.6 25x6 Flat Bar Hot Dip Galvanised 25 x 6 6000 1.29kg View Price
gfms.50.6 50x6 Flat Bar Hot Dip Galvanised 50 x 6 6000 2.58kg View Price
gfms.50.10 50x10 Flat Bar Hot Dip Galvanised 50 x 10 6000 4.30kg View Price
gfms.75.6 75x6 Flat Bar Hot Dip Galvanised 75 x 6 6000 3.87kg View Price
gfms.75.10 75x10 Flat Bar Hot Dip Galvanised 75 x 10 6000 6.46kg View Price
gfms.100.10 100x10 Flat Bar Hot Dip Galvanised 100 x 10 6000 8.61kg View Price


Flat Bars are rectangular shaped solid steel bars which can be used in all manner of construction and fabrication applications.  Currently we have stocks of Hot Dip Galvanized at selected branches and in limited sizes, these sizes are selected for common building applications.   All these stocked hot dip galvanized mild steel flat bars can be cut to your sizes with no minimum size, so you only pay for what you need*. (* limits and cutting charges will apply)


These galvanized flat bars will be dipped in full lengths.  Cutting of this stock will result in the breaking of the galvanized finish and this should be retreated with some type zinc rich paint to protected the unfinished face.   If you require certain special lengths for your flat bar please be sure to specify your requirements prior to placing your order and we can send you cut flat bars away for Hot Dip Galvanizing after cutting.    

Common Applications

Mild Steel Flat bars have a huge range of applications, they can be cut, formed, drilled and welded for use in :

Structural - Cleats & Plates

Mechanical - frames and assemblies

General Engineering



Trailers and Truck bodies


Flitch Pates

Garden Edging


Edcon Steel Tips

Stock holdings will vary branch to branch, so be sure to contact your nearest branch before heading in to pick up this item.

Treatment of cut ends should be considered as the cutting process will break the galvanising protection of the steel.



Surface Preparation and Coatings

This product is hot-dip galvanised in accordance with the Australian Standard for Hot-dip Galvanised (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles (AS/NZS 4680) both inside and outside.  For further information about Hot-Dip Galvanizing process is here

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