Mesh & Perforated Expanded Mild Steel

Stock Code Description Dimensions (mm) Standard Length (mm) Kg per Unit
EXP.B.DM3032.2400.1200R DM3032 2400x1200 Raised Black Mesh Pattern DM3032R 2400x1200 16.8kg View Product
EXP.B.FM14.600.3000 FM14 600x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM14 600x3000 25.2kg View Product
EXP.B.FM14.750.3000 FM14 750x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM14 750x3000 31.5kg View Product
EXP.B.FM14.900.3000 FM14 900x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM14 900x3000 37.8kg View Product
EXP.B.FM14.1200.3000 FM14 1200x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM14 1200x3000 50.4kg View Product
EXP.B.FM17.1200.3000 FM17120 1200x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM17 1200x3000 61.2kg View Product
EXP.B.FM19.600.3000 FM19 600x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM19 600x3000 34.2kg View Product
EXP.B.FM19.750.3000 FM19 750x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM19 750x3000 42.75kg View Product
EXP.B.FM19.900.3000 FM19 900x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM19 900x3000 51.3kg View Product
EXP.B.FM19.1200.3000 FM19 1200x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM19 1200x3000 68.4kg View Product
EXP.B.FM22.600.3000 FM22 600x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM22 600x3000 39.6kg View Product
EXP.B.FM22.750.3000 FM22 750x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM22 750x3000 49.5kg View Product
EXP.B.FM22.900.3000 FM22 900x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM22 900x3000 59.4kg View Product
EXP.B.FM22.1200.3000 FM22 1200x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM22 1200x3000 79.2kg View Product
EXP.B.FM28.600.3000 FM28 600x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM28 600x3000 50.4kg View Product
EXP.B.FM28.750.3000 FM28 750x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM28 750x3000 63kg View Product
EXP.B.FM28.900.3000 FM28 900x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM28 900x3000 75.6kg View Product
EXP.B.FM28.1200.3000 FM28 1200x3000 Black Mesh Pattern FM28 1200x3000 100.8kg View Product
EXP.B.LD1616.1200.2400F LD1616 1200x2400 Flattened Black Mesh Pattern LD1616F 1200x2400 13.69kg View Product
EXP.B.LD1616.1200.2400R LD1616 1200x2400 Raised Black Mesh Pattern LD1616R 1200x2400 13.69kg View Product
EXP.B.LD1620.1200.2400F LD1620 1200x2400 Flattened Black Mesh Pattern LD1620F 1200x2400 10.26kg View Product
EXP.B.LD1620.1200.2400R LD1620 1200x2400 Raised Black Mesh Pattern LD1620R 1200x2400 10.26kg View Product
EXP.B.LD1621.1200.2400F LD1621 1200x2400 Flattened Black Mesh Pattern LD1621F 1200x2400 7.15kg View Product
EXP.B.LD1621.1200.2400R LD1621 1200x2400 Raised Black Mesh Pattern LD1621R 1200x2400 7.15kg View Product
EXP.B.LD2028.1200.2400F LD2028 1200x2400 Flattened Black Mesh Pattern LD2028F 1200x2400 10.89kg View Product
EXP.B.LD2028.1200.2400R LD2028 1200x2400 Raised Black Mesh Pattern LD2028R 1200x2400 10.89kg View Product
EXP.B.LD3039.1200.2400F LD3039 1200x2400 Flattened Black Mesh Pattern LD3039F 1200x2400 25.82kg View Product
EXP.B.LD3039.1200.2400R LD3039 1200x2400 Raised Black Mesh Pattern LD3039R 1200x2400 25.82kg View Product
EXP.B.LD3045.2400.1200F LD3045 2400x1200 Flattened Black Mesh Pattern LD3045F 2400x1200 20.84kg View Product
EXP.B.LD3045.2400.1200R LD3045 2400x1200 Raised Black Mesh Pattern LD3045R 2400x1200 20.84kg View Product
EXP.B.LD3056.2400.1200R LD3045 2400x1200 Raised Black Mesh Pattern LD3056R 2400x1200 17.73kg View Product
EXP.B.SM3030.1200.2400R SM3030 2400x1200 Raised Black Mesh Pattern SM3030R 1200x2400 33kg View Product

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