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Stock Code Description Dimensions (mm) Standard Length (mm) Kg per Unit
CHRRND.12.7 12.7mm 1045 Chromed Round 12.7 6000 0.99kg View Price
CHRRND.15.88 15.88mm 1045 Chromed Round 15.88 6000 1.55kg View Price
CHRRND.19.05 19.05mm 1045 Chromed Round 19.05 6000 2.24kg View Price
chrrnd.20 20.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 20 6000 2.47kg View Price
CHRRND.22 22.00mm (Metric) 1045 Chromed Round 22 6000 3.05kg View Price
CHRRND.22.22 22.23mm 1045 Chromed Round 22.23 6000 3.05kg View Price
chrrnd.25 25.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 25 6000 3.85kg View Price
chrrnd.25.4 25.4mm 1045 Chromed Round 25.4 6000 3.98kg View Price
CHRRND.28.58 28.56mm 1045 Chromed Round 28.58 6000 5.03kg View Price
chrrnd.30 30.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 30 6000 5.55kg View Price
CHRRND.31.75 31.75mm 1045 Chromed Round 31.75 6000 6.22kg View Price
chrrnd.32 32.0mm (Metric) 1045 Chromed Round 32 6000 6.22kg View Price
CHRRND.34.93 34.925mm 1045 Chromed Round 34.925 6000 7.52kg View Price
chrrnd.36 36.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 36 6000 8.91kg View Price
chrrnd.38.1 38.1mm 1045 Chromed Round 38.1 6000 8.95kg View Price
chrrnd.40 40.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 40 6000 9.87kg View Price
CHRRND.44.45 44.45mm 1045 Chromed Round 44.45 6000 12.18kg View Price
chrrnd.45 45.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 45 6000 12.49kg View Price
chrrnd.50 50.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 50 6000 15.41kg View Price
chrrnd.50.8 50.8mm 1045 Chromed Round 50.8 6000 15.91kg View Price
CHRRND.57.15 57.15mm 1045 Chromed Round 57.15 6000 20.14kg View Price
chrrnd.60 60.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 60 6000 22.20kg View Price
chrrnd.63.5 63.5mm 1045 Chromed Round 63.5 6000 24.86kg View Price
CHRRND.69.85 69.85mm 1045 Chromed Round 69.85 6000 30.08kg View Price
CHRRND.69.97 69.97mm 1045 Chromed Round 69.97 6000 30.08kg View Price
chrrnd.70 70.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 70 6000 30.21kg View Price
chrrnd.76.2 76.2mm 1045 Chromed Round 76.2 6000 35.80kg View Price
chrrnd.80 80.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 80 6000 39.46kg View Price
CHRRND.82.55 82.55mm 1045 Chromed Round 82.55 6000 42.01kg View Price
chrrnd.85 85.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 85 6000 44.55kg View Price
chrrnd.88.9 88.9mm 1045 Chromed Round 88.9 6000 48.73kg View Price
chrrnd.90 90.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 90 6000 49.94kg View Price
chrrnd.95 95.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 95 6000 55.94kg View Price
chrrnd.100 100.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 100 6000 61.65kg View Price
chrrnd.101.6 101.6mm 1045 Chromed Round 101.6 6000 63.64kg View Price
chrrnd.105 105.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 105 6000 71.85kg View Price
chrrnd.110 110.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 110 6000 74.60kg View Price
chrrnd.127 127.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 127 6000 99.44kg View Price
CHRRND.139.7 139.7mm 1045 Chromed Round 139.7 6000 120.32kg View Price
chrrnd.35 35mm 1045 Chromed Round 35 6000 7.52kg View Price
CHRRND.55 55.0mm 1045 Chromed Round 56 6000 19.82kg View Price
CHRRND.75 75mm 1045 Chromed Round 75 6000 35.80kg View Price


1045 Medium Tensile Steel is a versatile, higher carbon content steel, used extensively in mechanical and machinery applications.  The addition of chrome plating makes this a go to product in hydraulic applications, mainly pistons and rams. 


AISI 1045 Medium Tensile Steel has high strength, impact and wearing capabilities while retaining good weldability and machining characteristics.  This combination of properties makes it a very popular choice for a wide variety of machinery and equipment parts. 

Common Applications

There many applications you will find 1045 Chrome Round Bars used in :

  1. cylinders,
  2. Tip trucks,
  3. Fork lifts rams,
  4. Hydraulic & Pneumatic Presses,
  5. Gates and Automatic doors,
  6. Tractors,
  7. Steering systems,
  8. Robotics, Lifts,
  9. Hydraulic platforms,
  10. agriculture attachments,
  11. Heavy duty cylinders,
  12. Cranes,
  13. Drilling equipment,
  14. Garbage compactors. 

Edcon Steel Tips

  1. Edcon Steel has good selections of  common round bar sizes at certain locations.  Please feel free to browse our range online or call you local branch to check availability in your area.  We can cut to size 1045 Chrome Round Bar and ship Australia wide (subject to freight options in your area). 
  2. Other grades of Chrome Round Bars may be available but as we only stock 1045 Chrome Round Bars.  We are not able offer part lengths for grades other than 1045.  4140 High Tensile Steel is also a common grade of Chromed bar.  Edcon Steel do not stock 4140 grade Chrome Round Bar, but have access to this product through our extensive network of suppliers across Australia.  Please keep in mind when buying 4140
  3. Tolerance on cutting may also be an issue for our customers.  All our engineering bar cutting is saw cutting and there will be some variation in the face cut.  Edcon Steel standard cutting tolerance is +/- 2mm.  Cutting lists and dimensions provided by customers should allow for this tolerance.  Further processes will be required to be carried out by our customers to achieve higher tolerances than stated above.
  4. All stocked sizes of 1045 Chromed Round Bar can be cut to your sizes, so you only pay for what you need ( cutting charges will apply ).   
  5. Should you have specific requirements or specifications for your project, especially physical properties or tolerances, as well as quality requirements such as mill certificates you should email our sales team or call one of our branches to discuss your requirements prior to placing your order.  Without a specific written request no quality documents of any kind  will be provided with your goods, please ensure you request this prior to your order to avoid disappointment.  Charges may apply to provide mill certs and the like.

Surface Preparation and Coatings

Hard Chrome Plating (typical specs this will need to be confirmed as order if critical to your application)

Typical Surface Hardness   HV 1000 - 1150
Typical Surface Smoothness0.10 - 0.30 um (Microns)
Typical Surface Deposit Thickness*          0.025 - 0.050 mm  (0.001") - (0.002")

     *surface deposit thickness will need to checked against your application

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