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Building Products LevelMaster Stump Top

Stock Code Description Dimensions (mm) Standard Length (mm) Kg per Unit
LM.S LevelMaster Straight Top Straight for Wood Bearers N/A 2.04kg View Price
LM.C LevelMaster Cnr Top Corner for Wood Bearers N/A 2.17kg View Price
LM.T LevelMaster Tee Top Tee for Wood Bearers N/A 2.61kg View Price
LM.E LevelMaster end of bearer Top End for Wood Bearers N/A 1.72kg View Price
LM.VS LevelMaster Vert small Top Small Vertical for LVL & Retrofit N/A 1.52kg View Price
LM.VL LevelMaster Vert large Top Large Vertical for LVL & Retrofit N/A 2.23kg View Price
LM.VLXL LevelMaster Vert extra large Top XL Vertical for LVL & Retrofit N/A 3.60kg View Price
LM.VLC LevelMaster Vert Cnr Top Large Vertical Corner for LVL & Retrofit N/A 3.08kg View Price
LM.SOH LevelMaster Straight offset holes Top Straight for Purlin Bearers - Offset Holes N/A 2.27kg View Price
LM.C4 LevelMaster Cnr 4 hole Top Corner for Purlin Bearers N/A 2.35kg View Price
LM.S4 LevelMaster Straight 4 hole Top Straight for Purlin Bearers - 4 Holes N/A 3.57kg View Price
LM.ES LevelMaster end slotted Top End Slotted for UC & UB Bearers - Use with D-Clamp N/A 2.25kg View Price
LM.D-CLAMP LevelMaster Dog Clamp Kit with BNW Dog Clamp for use with LM.ES N/A 0.82kg View Price
LM.SL LevelMaster Straight large Top Straight for UC & UB Bearers N/A 4.84kg View Price
LM.VP-90 LevelMaster Vert fin plate Top Vertical Fin Plate N/A 2.45kg View Price
LM.STI-100 Leve