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316 Stainless Steel Round Bar Stainless - 316 Mill Finish

Stock Code Description Dimensions (mm) Standard Length (mm) Kg per Unit
316rnd.3.18 3.175mm Rod 316 3.175 4000 0.06kg View Price
316rnd.3.96 3.96mm Rod 316 3.96 4000 0.10kg View Price
316rnd.4.76 4.76mm Rod 316 4.76 4000 0.14kg View Price
316rnd.5 5.0mm Rod 316 5 4000 0.16kg View Price
316rnd.6 6.00mm Rod 316 6 4000 0.22kg View Price
316rnd.6.35 6.35mm Rod 316 6.35 4000 0.25kg View Price
316rnd.7.94 7.938mm Rod 316 7.938 4000 0.39kg View Price
316rnd.8 8.00mm Rod 316 8 4000 0.39kg View Price
316rnd.9.53 9.525mm Rod 316 9.525 4000 0.56kg View Price
316rnd.10 10.00mm Rod 316 10 4000 0.62kg View Price
316RND.11.11 11.11mm Rod 316 11.11 4000 0.76kg View Price
316rnd.12 12.00mm Rod 316 12 4000 0.89kg View Price
316rnd.12.7 12.7mm Rod 316 12.7 4000 0.99kg View Price
316RND.14.29 14.288mm Rod 316 12.7 4000 1.27kg View Price
316RND.15.88 15.875mm Rod 316 12.7 4000 1.55kg View Price
316rnd.16 16.00mm Rod 316 16 4000 1.58kg View Price
316rnd.19.05 19.05mm Rod 316 19.05 4000 2.23kg View Price
316rnd.20 20.00mm Rod 316 20 4000 2.47kg View Price
316RND.22.22 22.225mm Rod 316 22.22 4000 3.04kg View Price
316rnd.24 24.00mm Rod 316 24 4000 3.55kg View Price
316rnd.25 25.00mm Rod 316 25 4000 3.85kg View Price
316rnd.25.4 25.4mm Rod 316 25.4 4000 3.97kg View Price
316rnd.28.58 28.575mm Rod 316 28.575 4000 5.04kg View Price
316rnd.30 30.00mm Rod 316 30 4000 5.55kg View Price
316RND.31.75 31.75mm Rod 316 31.75 4000 6.21kg View Price
316rnd.34.93 34.925mm Rod 316 34.925 4000 7.30kg View Price
316RND.35 35mm Rod 316 35 4000 7.30kg View Price
316rnd.38.1 38.1mm Rod 316 38.1 4000 8.94kg View Price
316rnd.40 40.00mm Rod 316 40 4000 9.87kg View Price
316rnd.41.28 41.275mm Rod 316 41.275 4000 11.02kg View Price
316rnd.44.45 44.45mm Rod 316 44.45 4000 12.17kg View Price
316rnd.50 50.00mm Rod 316 50 4000 15.80kg View Price
316rnd.50.8 50.80mm Rod 316 50.8 4000 15.89kg View Price
316rnd.53.98 53.975mm Rod 316 53.975 4000 18.20kg View Price
316rnd.57.15 57.15mm Rod 316 57.15 4000 20.14kg View Price
316rnd.63.5 63.5mm Rod 316 63.5 4000 24.86kg View Price
316rnd.69.85 69.85mm Rod 316 69.85 4000 30.96kg View Price
316rnd.76.2 76.2mm Rod 316 76.2 4000 35.80kg View Price
316rnd.82.55 82.55mm Rod 316 82.55 4000 41.96kg View Price
316rnd.88.9 88.9mm 316 Stainless Steel 88.9 4000 48.74kg View Price
316RND.95.25 95.25mm Rod 316 95.25 4000 56.01kg View Price
316rnd.101.6 101.6mm Rod 316 101.6 4000 63.66kg View Price
316rnd.114.3 114.3mm Rod 316 114.3 4000 82.04kg View Price
316rnd.127.0 127.00mm Rod 316 127 4000 99.45kg View Price
316rnd.139.7 139.70mm Rod 316 139.7 4000 123.00kg View Price
316rnd.152 152.4mm Rod 316 152.4 4000 143.00kg View Price


316 Grade Stainless Steel Round Bars are circular shaped solid stainless steel bars which can be used in all manner of engineering and fabrication applications.  All our branches stock a wide range of stainless steel round bars in 316 grade stainless steel.  All these stocked 316 Stainless  Steel round bars can be cut to your sizes with no minimum size, so you only pay for what you need*. (* limits and cutting charges will apply)


The majority of 316 stainless steel round bars will be cold rolled mill finish, this is a low tolerance finish bar.     Your application may require certain special properties or tolerances  for your round bar please be sure to specify your requirements prior to placing your order.    

Common Applications

316 Grade Stainless  Steel Round bars have a huge range of applications, they can be cut, formed & bent, threaded, drilled and welded for use in :

  1. Marine Applications
  2. Chemical Environments
  3. Axels & Shafts
  4. Grills & Grates
  5. Screens
  6. Security Grills
  7. General Engineering

Edcon Steel Tips

All our stores have close to a compete range of Stainless Steel Round Bar ranges in 316 plus grade  in stock on the floor in stocked lengths.   All of our stocked round bars can be cut to your sizes.  All of our round bar size are listed here on line.  

Surface Preparation and Coatings

Unlike mild steel the chemistry of stainless steels means the processes and methods for protecting and finishing 316 Grade Stainless Steel are vastly different to mild steels.  Most surface finishes for stainless steel will be mechanically (Polishing) or chemically (Passivating) applied.    The correct surface finish will have substantial impacts on the performance and appearance of your stainless steel.   

One of the most important considerations for the performance and appearance Stainless Steels is cleanliness.  Surfaces need to be kept free from particles of other metals especially alloy or carbon steels.  Timber also has contaminants that will leech and stain stainless steels.

Due to the variety of finishes available in stainless steels, Edcon Steel strongly recommends you discuss your requirements with your designer or fabricator.

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