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316 Stainless Steel Rectangular Box (RHS) Stainless - 316

Stock Code Description Dimensions (mm) Standard Length (mm) Kg per Unit
316RHS.50.25.3 50x25x3mm Brushed 316 RHS 50 x 25 x 3 6000 3.41kg View Price
316RHS.80.40.3 80x40x3mm Brushed 316 RHS 80 x 40 x 3 6000 6.87kg View Price
316RHS.100.50.3 100x50x3mm Brushed 316 RHS 100 x 50 x 3 6000 6.87kg View Price
316RHS.100.50.5 100x50x5mm Brushed 316 RHS 100 x 50 x 5 6000 11.36kg View Price
316rhs.150.100.5 150x100x5mm Brushed 316 RHS 150 x 100 x 5 6000 19.31kg View Price
316rhs.200.100.5 200x100x5mm Brushed 316 RHS 200 x 100 x 5 6000 23.40kg View Price
316rhs.200.100.6 200x100x6mm Brushed 316 RHS 200 x 100 x 6 6000 27.81kg View Price
316TUB.40.20.2 40x20x2mm Brushed 316 Rectangular Tube 40 x 20 x 2 6000 1.84kg View Price
316tub.50.25 50x25x1.6mm 180 Grit 316 Rectangular Tub 50 x 25 x 1.6 6000 1.85kg View Price


Edcon Steel stock and sells a variety of round 316 grade stainless rectangular steel tube for many architectural, marine and fluid applications .  A rectangular Stainless Steel Tube will be generally have a wall thickness of 0.51 - 6.0mm. Tube sizes are measured in outside sizes.  Finally tube will generally have a mechanical finish or polish applied in the mill.   Stainless Steel Rectangular Tube  is available in a variety of grades, finishes and materials.  We stock and cut a comprehensive range of standard sizes and selected polishes.


316 Grade Stainless steel Rectangular Tube is stocked in a continuously longitudinal welded tube.  This welding produces a weld seam along the length of the tube.  After welding the tube will pass under an abrasive belt to remove the outside weld bead on the outside surface.  Critically the inside surface weld bead remains in place and this can cause issues in several applications.   Where this is the case seamless or food grade tube should be investigated.   This tube is commonly referred to as "As Welded Brush Polished" AWBP tube.  This is typically an ornamental or handrail tube and comes with a 320, 400 or 600 grit polish.

Common Applications

316 Grade Stainless steel round tube are used for various of applications. Typical pipe applications are:

  1. Furniture
  2. Marine Fittings
  3. Seaside or Saltwater applications
  4. Handrails and Balustrades

Edcon Steel Tips

  1. There are a variety of Square 316 Grade Stainless Steel Tubes also available also at 316 Grade Stainless Steel Square Tubes.  Our steel stores are well stocked in tubes in Mild Steel Rectangular Tube and 6060 Grade Aluminium Rectangular Tubes .
  2. The changes in length may be small, however, we recommend customers do their research on the lengths that their selected product comes in.  A small change in the design lengths, can lead to greater product yield and less waste - saving you money.


Most  316 Stainless Steel Rectangular Tubes will be Welded.  This welding process will result in a weld seam.  The external weld seam will be scarfed off resulting in a smooth finish on the external face, but the internal weld seam will remain protruding on the internal face of the tube.  This is important to any customer who is looking to "Telescope" their Round tube or pipe Section.  Telescoping of Circular Hollow tube is common to allow parts to sleeve together or to be extendable with one typically smaller CHS sliding inside a larger CHS.  There is a telescoping chart available on our website.

Surface Protections and Coatings

Unlike mild steel the chemistry of stainless steels means the processes and methods for protecting and finishing 316 Grade Stainless Steel are vastly different to mild steels.  Most surface finishes for stainless steel will be mechanically (Polishing) or chemically (Passivating) applied.    The correct surface finish will have substantial impacts on the performance and appearance of your stainless steel.   

One of the most important considerations for the performance and appearance Stainless Steels is cleanliness.  Surfaces need to be kept free from particles of other metals especially alloy or carbon steels.  Timber also has contaminants that will leech and stain stainless steels.

Due to the variety of finishes available in stainless steels, Edcon Steel strongly recommends you discuss your requirements with your designer or fabricator.


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