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Drills Wood Solid Core Auger Bits

Stock Code Description Dimensions (mm) Standard Length (mm) Kg per Unit
BORD2660-6X210 Auger Bit-Medium-¥6mm OAL210mm 6 3/8 (nominal) Hex 0.06kg View Price
BORD2660-8X225 Auger Bit-Medium-¥8mm OAL225mm 8 3/8 (nominal) Hex 0.09kg View Price
BORD2660-10X250 Auger Bit-Medium-¥10mm OAL250mm 10 3/8 (nominal) Hex 0.11kg View Price
BORD2660-12X270 Auger Bit-Medium-¥12mm OAL270mm 12 3/8 (nominal) Hex 0.15kg View Price
BORD2660-13X290 Auger Bit-Medium-¥13mm OAL270mm 13 3/8 (nominal) Hex 0.17kg View Price
BORD2660-14X290 Auger Bit-Medium-¥14mm OAL290mm 14 3/8 (nominal) Hex 0.20kg View Price
BORD2660-16X290 Auger Bit-Medium-¥16mm OAL290mm 16 3/8 (nominal) Hex 0.22kg View Price
BORD2660-18X330 Auger Bit-Medium-¥18mm OAL330mm 18 3/8 (nominal) Hex 0.29kg View Price
BORD2660-19X330 Auger Bit-Medium-¥19mm OAL330mm 19 3/8 (nominal) Hex 0.31kg View Price
BORD2660-20X330 Auger Bit-Medium-¥20mm OAL330mm 20 3/8 (nominal) Hex 0.34kg View Price
BORD2660-22X330 Auger Bit-Medium-¥22mm OAL330mm 22 3/8 (nominal) Hex 0.39kg View Price
BORD2660-25X330 Auger Bit-Medium-¥25mm OAL330mm 25 3/8 (nominal) Hex 0.48kg View Price
BORD2660-30X330 Auger Bit-Medium-¥30mm OAL330mm 30 3/8 (nominal) Hex 0.64kg View Price
BORD2660-32X330 Auger Bit-Medium-¥32mm OAL330mm 32 3/8 (nominal) Hex 0.68kg View Price