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Celebrating Australian-made steel suppliers, Orrcon Steel.

At Edcon Steel, we are committed to offering our customers the best products on the market, which are high-quality products from reputable manufacturers. In line with the recent Australia Made Week, we’re proud to recognise Orrcon Steel as a leader in supplying Australian-made steel.

We’ve built a trusted partnership over the years and want our customers to know more about Orrcon Steel.

Australian-made steel products

Orrcon Steel has been a trusted supplier of high-quality steel products and solutions for decades. While the Orrcon Steel name has been in operation since 2000, it has a much longer history.

Orrcon Steel was founded in a merger between Welded Tube Mills and the Tubing division of Hills Holding, the makers of the iconic Hills Hoist. These companies’ history and reputable experience have made Orrcon Steel a trusted supplier since its beginning.

Now a wholly owned subsidiary of BlueScope Steel, Orrcon Steel is a vital contributor to the Australian steel industry, producing high-quality products used in various industries.

Committed to safety, environmental sustainability, and innovation, the team at Orrcon Steel follow principles to ensure that its products are of the highest quality and that its operations are efficient and effective. Here at Edcon Steel, we stock a range of high-quality Orrcon Steel products, including RHS, SHS, and CHS.

A trusted partnership

Edcon Steel has been working with Orrcon Steel since it first began trading nearly 25 years ago. In that time they have remained a trusted partner.

The principles of quality, innovation, flexibility, and dedication drive the team at Orrcon Steel. You can see these principles in their business partnerships when you have been working with them as long as we have.

Their commitment to the community is evident in their recent collaboration with Edcon Steel to support the Walk a While Foundation. The foundation is helping an Indigenous community build the infrastructure necessary to support tourism to the area. When we reached out to the team at Orrcon Steel, they didn’t hesitate. They donated thousands of dollars worth of much-needed steel pipe and SHS for the project.

Browse our range of Orrcon Steel products

We stock Orrcon Steel’s Australian-made rectangular hollow section (RHS) and square hollow section (SHS) in various sizes, both painted and pre-gal. We also stock various sizes of black and galvanised circular hollow sections (CHS).

Browse Edcon Steel’s range of Orrcon Steel products here.

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