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Australian steel: unrivalled quality and durability

From everyday appliances to nation-building projects, steel is one of the building blocks of Australia. Steel provides a strong framework for structures big and small… from roads, rail, vehicles and bridges to your household fridge.

Choosing Australian steel not only delivers superior quality that you can trust – it’s manufactured to Australian standards, to last and withstand Australian conditions.

At Edcon Steel we are proud to provide a range of locally manufactured steel. Our experienced team can help you with sourcing all your steel for your projects from bedheads right through to structural steel fabrication on large infrastructure projects.

Australian steel delivers on all fronts

Australian steel delivers on all fronts

Australian steel is unrivalled when it comes to quality. It is manufactured to meet the highest Australian standards, giving you confidence that it will go the distance. This means peace of mind for you, the steel user.

But there is so much more to it than that. Australian steel:

  • offers superior strength and durability so you don’t have the worry of additional maintenance costs over the lifetime of the product
  • complies with all Australian standards for buildings, transport and infrastructure
  • is created with Australian conditions in mind so it will withstand our unique environment and weather
  • gives you greater logistical control, reduced lead times and lower shipping costs so you can keep your project on track.
Made to be tough

Made to be tough

Australian Steel is made to be tough. And when it comes to providing the highest quality steel… so are we. We only provide the best to our customers. Anything less just doesn’t make the cut.

After five decades we have seen what can go wrong when you choose inferior quality steel. The costs quickly add up. Whether it’s fixing a defect, corrosion or substandard welding… it’s a lot of hassle that can be avoided.

That’s why we stand by Australian steel products and source them wherever possible. We can work with you to deliver premium steel products to meet your project requirements.

We are proud members of the Australian Steel Institute, Weld Australia and Australian Stainless Steel Development Association. As an active member of these industry associations, we stay on top of new developments and regulations in the steel industry. And we play our part in keeping the standards of Australian steel high.

Supporting Australian jobs

Supporting Australian jobs

You not only get a superior quality product with Australian Steel, you are also doing your part to support the Australian Steel industry.

From manufacturers, fabricators and construction workers… over 100,000 local jobs are created from Australian steel.

Local steel manufacturers adhere to strict government regulations to produce steel at the highest quality, as well as providing their workers with a safe environment and paying them a fair price. It also ensures that steel is produced in the most sustainable way possible.

Choose Australian steel for your next project

Edcon Steel is Australia’s most comprehensive online steel and metal superstore, so if you’re looking for products for your next project, we’ve got you covered. We cut and supply steel and metal – in a wide range of shapes, sizes and grades – for all your project needs.

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