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    Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel Supplies

    Edcon Steel is Sydney's customer focused stainless steel sales centre.

    By sourcing stainless steel from the industry's leading names, Edcon Steel can offer a regular supply of stainless steel for all your marine and engineering needs. Edcon Steel is the largest Stainless Steel supplier on the Northside of Sydney, servicing the south west and west of Sydney too.

    Our team at Edcon Steel has the supply and equipment to process your order on the spot if that's what is needed.  Contact one of our branches here

    Stainless Steel Supplies Stainless Steel Supplies Stainless Steel Supplies

    Stainless Steel Processing and Cutting

    Our Network of Service Centres have modern cutting equipment to process your next stainless steel order.

    At Edcon Steel we have experienced staff and equipment to cut, guillotine and deliver your steel orders.  All of our stainless steel is available on a pay only for what you need (minimums do apply) so if you are getting your order cut you only pay for what you need.

    Small quantities, part lengths and offcut pieces are a specialty.  We also supply steel for larger and indent orders.

    Give us a call today.  Find our one of our steel stores here

    If you would like to search available sizes and get a quote

    Stainless Steel Processing and Cutting Stainless Steel Processing and Cutting Stainless Steel Processing and Cutting

    Common Grades of Stainless Steel

    There are many types and grades of stainless steel.  Some grades of stainless steel are specialised for specific applications and will only be available in certain sizes and profiles.

    The two most common grades of stainless steel with the widest range of sizes and profiles are:

    1.  304 Grade Stainless Steel - furniture or kitchen grade stainless steel. For further information on 304 Grade Stainless Steel click here.

    2.  316 Grade Stainless Steel - marine grade stainless steel.  For further information on 316 Grade Stainless Steel click here. 

    Edcon Steel supplies only 316 Grade Stainless steel.  All other grades of stainless steel are available through our network of steel suppliers.

    Grades like 303, 304, 316H, 431 and Duplex 2205 stainless steels can be sourced from our large steel supplier network.