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Meet the team at Edcon Steel Brookvale

Each of our Edcon Steel teams has a wealth of experience, unique specialties, and a commitment to helping our customers.

Our vast knowledge of steel and metal fabrication, combined with our workforce’s longevity, is what makes Edcon truly special.

Because we’re proud of our teams, we want you to get to know them.

So, let’s meet some of the team at Edcon Steel Brookvale.

Matt, Branch Manager

Matt has been with the Edcon Steel family for nearly twelve years, starting his career as a storeman fresh out of high school.

“I started here with a vision of working for six months and then going overseas. And I’m still here nearly 12 years later,” Matt laughs.

“I did get my overseas holiday, though.”

Working his way up from storeman to counter sales, then to Branch Manager, Matt is the youngest of our managers, at just 29 years old.

“I’m responsible for the management of the whole store, which includes staff, inventory, sales, emails… everything,” Matt says.

“But I really just love the people and I’m lucky to have such a great team.

It’s such a great environment with great people, great customers and with new challenges every day.”

When asked what he believes makes Edcon Steel different from other steel stores, Matt was clear: “At Edcon, no customer is more important than another customer.

We look after everyone equally and treat them the same, whether they want to spend a dollar or thousands of dollars.”

Matt isn’t just a great store manager, either. He’s also a National Surfboat Rowing Champion. His team, the Avalon Beach Surf Life Saving Club ‘Pinkies’ took out the two biggest national events of 2022.

Chris, Sales Manager

Chris joined the Edcon team with more than 20 years of product knowledge and customer service experience and is the go-to for technical advice and support.

As Sales Manager, his main responsibility is to make sure customers get the right products.

“I split my time between being on the road looking after some of our bigger customers and in-store counter sales and purchasing,” Chris explains.

“We have a huge range of fasteners and tools here at Brookvale, so we have a lot of products and customers to manage.”

Having been with Edcon Steel for more than four years now, Chris has seen why customers choose Edcon Steel.

“It really is that range of products and the service that our customers get that makes Edcon Steel different,” he says.

“And the pricing is on the money, too.”

Lachlan, Product Specialist and Customer Service

More than eight years ago, when Lachlan was at TAFE, he started as a storeman at the Edcon Brookvale store. Since then, he has moved on to counter sales and then to product specialist for the fasteners range at Edcon Steel.

“I am responsible for managing the stock, ordering and being the point of reference for any fastener-related enquiries,” Lachlan explains.

“We have thousands of fastener products, and there are so many variations of sizes and types within those product ranges, so there’s a lot to know.

I really love being able to assist customers and my colleagues with anything they need.”

Like his colleagues, Lachlan credits the team and the culture at Edcon Steel as the best part of his job.

“We’ve got a great group of people here, so it really makes coming to work fun and enjoyable.”

Helena, Customer Service

For the regular customers of Edcon Steel Brookvale, Helena is a familiar face, having been a part of the team for more than 12 years.

Known for her friendly demeanour, a wealth of knowledge and exceptional customer service, Helena was on the Edcon radar long before she joined the team.

“Before Edcon, I worked at another steel store,” Helena explains.

“But when they decided to move out west, I was approached by the guys at Edcon and asked if I would join the Edcon Steel team….I’ve been here ever since, and I just love it.

I really like that customers can buy whatever they want, without the restriction of minimum lengths or spending.  They can buy a little bit of steel or a lot, and they’re treated exactly the same.

Everyone is very friendly, and the ethics of the business are really good. It’s a pleasure to work here.” 

If you have a project you’re working on and would like some advice, Helena is ready to help.

“I really love helping people, figuring out what’s best for their project and making suggestions about what might be easier, cheaper or more efficient for their project,” she says.

“I also quite like shocking some of our customers with the knowledge and experience I have. 

As a woman working in a male-dominated industry, sometimes customers think I won’t be able to help them, so it’s wonderful to be able to win them over with my product knowledge in a few minutes.” 

Sam, Store Person

As a store person at Edcon’s Brookvale store, Sam works across a few areas. He talks to customers, takes orders, cuts the steel and prepares items to go out.

“I’ve been here for nearly nine years and it’s a great business to be a part of.”

When asked what his speciality was, Sam laughed: “I’m just the best at everything!

No, I would say I’m very accurate and efficient with the cutting jobs.

And I always try my best to meet customers’ needs as best I can.

The team members at Brookvale are lovely and really friendly. We get along easily, do the work but also have a laugh. And the customers are all pretty easy-going, which definitely helps.”

Being close to the ocean, there’s a large boating clientele at Brookvale.

“We get a lot of people who like tinkering. They want a specific part for a boat – to add or change something,” Sam says.

“And there are lots of mechanics in the area, too, so there are plenty of people wanting materials to fix cars. Boats… cars… it keeps it interesting. Every order is different, so there’s always variety.

I’d say Edcon is a great place to work. There’s never anything to complain about, but if there ever is a problem it’s resolved easily.”

Mathew, Store Person

Mathew has been with Edcon Steel for around five years and is a valued member of the team. Known for coming in early and preparing the machines for the day ahead, Mathew works on everything from unloading trucks to custom cutting steel.

“I really enjoy working with customers and I think I offer them a reliable and consistent service, so they always get what they need,” he says.

Mathew also loves the community that the store has, where everybody knows each other, from staff members to customers.

“It’s not really like coming to work… it’s like coming to be with friends.

And I think that really shows in the way we treat our customers and the service we offer.”

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