Four things to consider when choosing a steel fabrication company

When it comes to steel fabrication, quality is everything. When you compromise the quality of your steel, you compromise the success of your entire project.

Not all steel is created equally… and that’s why it’s crucial to buy steel from a trustworthy, reliable and experienced steel fabricator. And for guaranteed quality, you can’t look past locally fabricated steel.

Ultimately, if you want to ensure a smooth project that lasts a lifetime, then you need to be very selective about who – and where – you source your materials from.

Australian location

Australian location

Choosing a local steel fabricator isn’t only about supporting your local economy… it’s about having the expertise and support you need when you need it. A local, Australian-based fabricator will quote quickly, answer questions as they arise and offer immediate advice on your project. And if your project hits a snag, a local fabricator will be on site in a flash to lend their expertise… saving you from lengthy delays.

At Edcon Steel, we understand how important it is that you can get your hands on the steel and metal products you need in a timely manner. With our purpose-built steel fabrication facility in Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we can turn orders around efficiently so you can get on with the job.

As Australia’s most comprehensive online steel supplier, we can also deliver structural steel beams and tubular sections to help complete small or large building projects. Our online store is limited to stock items cut to size but offers the convenience of being able to order any time, day or night.  Our delivery options may be limited due to freight options to your location, our online system will assist you with this.

Proven services and capabilities

Proven services and capabilities

The capability you need in a steel fabricator extends well beyond their ability to fabricate steel. When you work with a steel fabrication company that understands project requirements, you can guarantee that your project will run more efficiently.

With more than 50 years of steel fabrication experience under our belt, we know that steel drafting and detailing, surface treatment and delivery and installation are the capabilities that you need for your jobs.

Our staff members are skilled in key aspects of structural steel fabrication and structural steel welding. We understand steel… we can see the big picture of your total project… we can work to your schedule… and no matter what, we never compromise on quality.

At Edcon Steel, we source our products from Australia’s leading names in the steel industry. We work to Australian Standards for Steel and for Steel Fabrication, and we use personnel, consumables and materials that are qualified to AS1554 – Welding of Steel Structures.

A diverse range of projects

A diverse range of projects

A steel fabricator is only as good as their last job. And without a portfolio of successful projects for you to review, you have no way of determining their quality of work, proficiency, capability and past achievements.

Just like our service and capabilities, Edcon Steel’s clients are diverse. And their practical applications for steel are astounding. Some of our structural steel projects are amongst the biggest names in the Australian construction industry.

For all structural steel projects, we offer a free estimating service to provide fixed lump sum quotes on most projects. We make it as easy as possible for you to get the steel you need… and that’s why our clients come back to us time and time again.

As an Edcon Steel customer, you can have peace of mind knowing that our projects stand the test of time… five decades in the industry is evidence of that.

Building trust through service

Building trust through service

One of the biggest factors to look out for in a steel fabricator is their customer service and knowledge. When you’re choosing a fabricator, be sure to ask lots of questions to help discern if they can complete a potential project for you.

Lean towards fabricators who listen to your needs and can offer the right solutions. A good steel fabricator will take you through their entire process and offer quality materials, regardless of the size or type of project you need to complete.

At Edcon Steel, we work closely with our customers. We stand by our quality Australian Standard materials and workmanship. It’s our service and dedication to our customers that make us confident we can fabricate the steel you need for any project, large or small.

Are you ready to choose Edcon as your steel fabricator?

We are proud of our humble beginnings more than 50 years ago. And we are firmly focused on continuing to provide structural steel and builder’s steel with our customer’s needs in mind. We have the equipment and personnel to help you with your structural steel requirements… and confidence that the job will last as long as needed.

Edcon is your one-stop shop for structural steel. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements, or browse our extensive product range online.