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Meet the team at Edcon Steel Orange

Each of our Edcon Steel teams has a wealth of experience, unique specialties, and a commitment to helping our customers.

Our vast knowledge of steel and metal fabrication, combined with our workforce’s longevity, is what makes Edcon truly special.

Because we’re proud of our teams, we want you to get to know them.

So, let’s meet some of the team at Edcon Steel Orange.

Darren, Rural Manager

When Darren started with the Edcon Steel team more than four years ago, his leadership skills, customer service and good humour were immediately apparent.

With nearly a decade of experience in business development at BOC Gases under his belt, It’s no wonder he was made rural manager not long after starting.

And his role still keeps him on his toes.

“The stores are very different, which means my days are very different depending on where I am,” Darren explains.

“The Orange store services a lot of the mining industry in the area, so we stock and sell a lot of products aligned to that field.

“While we also do a lot of steel in Bathurst, the highway frontage brings a lot more of our rural customers in who are looking for cattle crushes, cattle yards and fencing .”

“Being the manager of both of our rural stores means I get to meet a lot of different people from a lot of different backgrounds, which I love,” Darren says.

“We’ve got great customers and great staff.”

Andrew, Counter Sales and Customer Service

With more than six years under his belt at Edcon Steel Orange, Andrew is a familiar and trusted face to all of our rural customers.

“I started as a truck driver for both the Orange and Bathurst stores,” Andrew explains.

“I’ve got a good understanding of Edcon Steel as a whole because I’ve seen all the aspects first hand.”

Andrew is vital to our Counter Sales and Customer Service team and works closely with Darren to manage the Orange store.

“I look after a lot of the day-to-day running of the store when Darren is in Bathurst, I do a lot of product ordering and sales,” Andrew says.

“Many local customers come to me when they need something because I have been here, and they trust me.”

“We have a really great atmosphere in store…we all get along and really enjoy helping our customers.”

Matt, Customer Service, Sales

When Matt was living in Sydney nearly four years ago, he was searching for an opportunity that would allow him to move to New South Wales Central West.

“Edcon has really given me a long-term opportunity to establish my career, as well as my life in the Central West,” Matt says.

Since joining the team as a storeperson years ago, Matt established himself as a committed and hardworking staff member and now works in customer service and sales.

His thorough understanding of all aspects of Edcon Steel’s products and services makes him valuable to customers and colleagues alike.

“I spend my time really trying to help our customers…finding out what they need and how we can help them,” Matt explains.

“It really is where I get the most enjoyment from my work. I love being able to find the best solutions for our customers and go the extra mile.”

“And that is at the core of what we do here at Edcon. Our customer service is based on treating everyone as people, not just accounts, and acting with respect and integrity at every step.”

“If I can get a customer to leave the store happy, that makes me happy.”

Sheree, Store Person and Driver

Having been part of the Edcon Steel team for years, Sheree is a jack of all trades. A welder by trade, volunteer firefighter, and Store Person and Truck Driver for Edcon Steel, Sheree really can do it all.

“I’m a storeperson and driver with the Orange store,” Sheree explains.

“When I’m not on the road, I’m selling steel to customers, giving advice on sizing or preparing orders to go out.”

In her previous role as a welder, Sheree even worked on aircraft.

“The terminology here is a bit different to the welding trade, but having that knowledge has been useful, and I definitely know my way around metal,” she says.

When asked what she liked most about Edcon Steel, it was the encouragement to do what she loves and continually learn new things.

“I think everybody should be able to do what they want and not be categorised, and Edcon has given me that chance,” Sheree says.

“I think we should all challenge ourselves to be better, which is why I love learning new things here at Edcon.”

“I also enjoy the customer interaction – and I enjoy the team. Some days are hilarious. When you all get on well and can have a laugh, it helps make it a good day.”

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