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Eltrak sliding door systems

Eltrak sliding door systems are replacing all Downee Track products at Edcon Steel stores.

Produced by Vater Hardware, an Australian, family-owned business, Eltrak sliding door products include tracks, carriages, brackets, door framing, guides, roller door tracks, rollers and accessories.

Downee Track series phasing out

The Downee Track series of products have been phased out by the manufacturer and are being replaced by the Downee Optimum Door Hardware systems. This series is not compatible with the Track series and is at a much higher price point. As such, it is important that you consider this in purchasing for future projects.

Eltrak product offerings

Eltrak product offerings

While the Eltrak products are not interchangeable with Downee Track products, they are similar in terms of quality, product offerings and price points.

Edcon Steel stores stock a range of Eltrak products, from the Graduate series for light-duty and domestic applications to the Hercules series for heavy industrial applications.

Graduate series:

  • Max. weight 120kg
  • 34 high x 30 wide – 1mm
  • Ideal for garden sheds and garages

Director series:

  • Max. weight 200kg
  • 45 high x 35 wide – 1.2mm
  • Ideal for garages and small industrial sheds

Matador series:

  • Max. weight 450kg
  • 61 high x 50 wide – 1.55mm
  • Ideal for larger industrial and rural sheds

Hercules series:

  • Max. weight 650kg
  • 61 high x 50 wide – 1.6mm
  • Ideal for larger openings and heavy doors

With a range of tracks, carriages, wheels and brackets on offer, we’re sure we can help with your sliding door system needs.


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