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Edcon Steel can supply all your structural steel parallel flange channels for your next job.  Edcon Steel specialises in custom fabricated and cut to size structural steel PFC channels.  Structural Steel PFC channels are made from Hot Rolled Steel, often referred to as Channels ( “PFCs” ) they are C-shaped using mild steel grade 300 plus.  We are proud to say where ever possible we will stock Australian made Structural Steel Parallel Flange Channels.  All our stocked PFCs are made to AS/NZS 3679.1 and can be certified to this standard where requested prior to your order.   Structural Steel channels are a versatile solution for buildings for Strutting Beams, Floor Bearer Beams, Verandah Beams, Lintel Beams and Rafters.  Please check out our blog about Builders Steel.

All steel PFCs can be cut to your sizes and delivered to your site (subject to our delivery options).  Please review our sizes here and all items can be customised and quoted online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Sizes, dimensions and weight information, as well as mechanical properties and yield strengths for Structural Steel Parallel Flange Channels is available from the manufactures guide to Hot Rolled Structural Steel Products

There is also a guide for builders and owner builders to use to get assistance with design and sizing and applications of Structural Steel Parallel Flange Channels for Domestic and House Building.

All our stores have comprehensive ranges of Parallel Flange Channels in stock.  Unfortunately, we cannot stock all the manufactured sizes of Steel Channels, so our range is limited to  50PFC to 250PFC size range (around 8 sizes) there are more sizes available and these can be called in form bulk storage for individual customer requirements.  Some of our branches are better stocked than others, it is fair to say our metro branches will have a more complete range of Structural Steel C-sections on the floor ready for same day pick up.  

Our Head Office and Structural Fabrication workshop in Brookvale has a wide range of structural steel stock on the floor ready for custom orders and in most cases PFCs orders of a cut to size structural steel beam, or two, can be completed “while you wait” - now that is great for the builder or home builder who needs a steel beam to complete their project in a hurry or help with unexpected requirements for steel beams on your next project.

Edcon Steel also specialises in structural steel PFC fabrication where you job calls for holes, bolted connections and/ or welding of cleats or plates send us your sketches or drawings and we can quote to manufacture your custom made structural steel channels.  Download an order form and email this to our sales team.

In order to comply with NCCC (BCA) and Australian Standards you will need to consider industrial protective coatings to help prevent atmospheric corrosion (rust).  There are guidelines in the Australian Building Codes that cover steel coatings and you, as the customer or user of structural steel beams should be aware of these requirements. >>BLOG<<


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