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Drills Masonry SDS Plus Rebar Cutters

Stock Code Description Dimensions (mm) Standard Length (mm) Kg per Unit
BORD2536-10.00X305 Rebar Cutter- 10mm OAL 305mm MSRB-10 N/A 0.18kg View Price
BORD2536-12.00X305 Rebar Cutter- 12mm OAL 305mm MSRB-12 N/A 0.22kg View Price
BORD2536-14.00X305 Rebar Cutter- 14mm OAL 305mm MSRB-14 N/A 0.30kg View Price
BORD2536-5-8x305 Rebar Cutter- 5/8 OAL 305mm SRB-10 N/A 152.00kg View Price
BORD2536-16.00X305 Rebar Cutter- 16mm OAL 305mm MSRB-16 N/A 0.34kg View Price
BORD2536-11-16x305 Rebar Cutter- 11/16 OAL 305mm SRB-11 N/A 154.00kg View Price
BORD2536-18.00X305 Rebar Cutter- 18mm OAL 305mm MSRB-18 N/A 0.40kg View Price
BORD2536-3-4X305 Rebar Cutter- 3/4 OAL 305mm SRB-12 N/A N/A View Price
BORD2536-20.00X305 Rebar Cutter- 20mm OAL 305mm MSRB-20 N/A 0.40kg View Price
BORD2536-13-16x305 Rebar Cutter- 13/16 OAL 305mm SRB-13 N/A 158.00kg View Price
BORD2536-22.00X305 Rebar Cutter- 22mm OAL 305mm MRB-22HO N/A 0.39kg View Price
BORD2536-24.00X305 Rebar Cutter- 24mm OAL 305mm MRB-24HO N/A 0.41kg View Price
BORD2536-1X305 Rebar Cutter- 1 OAL 305mm SRB-16 N/A 0.44kg View Price
BORD2536-28.00X305 Rebar Cutter- 28mm OAL 305mm MRB-28HO N/A 0.45kg View Price