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Our steel delivery truck fleet

At Edcon Steel,  our company-owned delivery truck fleet adds strength to our commitment to service.

With five large trucks that deliver steel, metal, rural products, tools and gear across Sydney and Central Western New South Wales, we have the capacity to meet demand.

Our expert teams manage your order, while our experienced drivers navigate the bumps in the road to make sure we get your products where you need them.

Equipped for reliability and efficiency

We’ve been supplying and delivering large-scale steel orders to clients in the residential, infrastructure, industrial, commercial, mining and defence sectors for decades, so we are well-equipped to handle any job.

We have equipped each of our trucks with a crane, so our driver can unload your order quickly and safely. To increase our capacity to meet customer demand, a sixth truck, equipped with a rear-mounted crane will enter our fleet in early 2024.

Transparency and security on every order

For transparency and security, we track each of our trucks so that our staff can easily access the whereabouts of goods at any point prior to arrival on site.

In addition, each Edcon Steel truck has four cameras, to provide confidence to our drivers and peace of mind to our clients.

We understand that large job sites often have multiple delivery areas and many people on site, and sometimes there is a hitch in communication. Our cameras allow us to provide customers with precise delivery locations and delivery times.

Expert drivers

Our drivers have experience in navigating both narrow city streets and winding country roads, so whether you’re on an inner-city job site or at a rural location, we’ll make sure your order gets to you.

Each of our drivers is an Edcon Steel employee with years of service under their belt and a commitment to Edcon Steel’s values. Brian is one of our Sydney drivers and has been with Edcon Steel for over 12 years, so he knows his way around the traps.

“Every store has its own drivers, but you can travel Sydney-wide on any day, so there’s a lot of ground to cover,” Brian says.

“I enjoy driving… I’ve been doing it for years, and I really like that you get time to yourself – but also having the interaction with customers.”

Ready for your next order

We provide our drivers with a manifest each day outlining orders and locations for delivery. And while there are some things we can’t control – like the traffic and weather – we do our best to fulfil your order with no fuss and bother.

To help us ensure smooth steel deliveries, there are a few things you can do to help:

  • Include clear directions or mud maps so we can easily find the property/location.
  • Include clear instructions on where to leave the order and with whom.
  • Move any vehicles or equipment that may be blocking access.

Buy steel online from Edcon Steel

At Edcon Steel, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our staff, our level of customer service and the depth of our local market knowledge.

You can visit our stores to browse the range or pick up an online order. Our staff are on hand to answer any questions you have about our full range of products and services, so feel free to contact us for your steel or metal solution today.

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