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The Radius Master difference

We talked to John Price, the engineer and innovator behind the ‘Radius Master’ belt grinders, which we proudly stock at Edcon Steel stores.

John has extensive tool and die experience, with 16 industrial patents across many fields, including belt grinding.

He produced his first belt grinding tool, the Multitool belt grinding attachment, with his previous company (PA Products) and manufactured over 200,000 before selling the business in 1998.

John first created the Radius Master series 1 in 2001, and it won an award on the ABC’s New Inventors program in 2006. Since then it has continued to sell throughout Australia, the US, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and New Zealand.

Award-winning machinery

John wanted to build products that were more efficient and convenient, while also outlasting and outperforming other market offerings.

His resulting Radius Master design is an award-winning, user-friendly machine that not only outperforms and out-last similar products but also makes a significant improvement to product cost and quality.

“When the Radius Master was created around 2000, 2001, it was the first of its kind. And it can still do jobs no other belt grinder can do,” John says.

Australian-designed and built, Radius Master’s award-winning machinery is the most versatile on the market, used by engineers, fabricators, welders, fitters, balustrade and stainless specialists, foundries, toolmakers, rural manufacturers, mechanics, restorers, aircraft engineers, medical equipment manufacturers, sculptors, knife-makers, model makers, many universities and even the CSIRO.

The Radius Master difference

So, what makes the Radius Master so different?

Well, to start with, Radius Master’s unique design provides a multitude of functions through seven workstations, each readily available in seconds using an easy-to-operate index knob.

The Radius Master range of machines is the only product line on the market capable of tracking the latest heavy-duty polyester-backed ceramic belts. This accurate tracking performance allows notching into sharp corners for better product finishing and significant savings on consumables like belts and contact wheels.

An unmatched asset in the precision sharpening of small drills and cutters, the accurate tracking allows the use of cut-down belts to 8mm for finishing and deburring difficult contours. Plus, the tracking mechanism will never lose its precision, as the vital pivots are sealed ball bearings.

The variety of workstations in the system is also important, as it provides a wide range of surface finishing, intricate product de-burring, tube notching, profiling and precision sharpening of drills and cutters.

It is also capable of internal, external and hollow grinding on five contact wheels, as well as flat grinding and slack belt grinding in both vertical and horizontal positions.

For edge grinding, the tool rest tilts up to a 20° angle and down to a 45° angle, allowing for more precision and ease of grinding. Requiring no box of add-ons and spanners, the Radius Master has no equal in terms of convenience, performance and durability.

“It really has exceptional belt tracking, which allows it to be used on the very corner of the belt,” John explains.

“So it can do sharp corners and can sharpen the tiniest of drills. And no tools are needed to get to the many workstations.”

Plus, all machinery comes with a two-year commercial warranty.

A long-term Edcon customer

John has developed a strong relationship with the team at Edcon Revesby after many years as a customer (and now product supplier).

“I have been going to the Edcon Revesby store for many years,” John explains.

“They just have such a wide variety of steel, aluminium, tool steels – just a very diverse range.

To be able to go to one store and get so many different things is great. But the Edcon team will also cut any steel so it fits in my vehicle.

We buy square tube too, and Edcon will deliver them on a pallet, which is very convenient.

There’s not another steel store in Sydney that has the variety or the service. There’s nothing quite like it.”

If you’re looking for more information or to purchase a Radius Master belt grinder, just pop into one of our Edcon stores or contact us.  Alternatively, you can email John at sales@radiusmaster.com.au.

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