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The Nurragingy Miniature Railway

One of the things we love most about our Edcon Steel community is the wide variety of projects they are involved in.

From fabrication specialists to medieval reenactment enthusiasts, model engine hobbyists to home DIYers, our customers amaze us with the incredible things they create and the wonderful communities they are a part of.

The team behind the Nurragingy Miniature Railway is yet another example of the amazing projects our customers are involved in.

We spoke to Roger Jones, a foundation member of North Western Model Engineers Inc., about Blacktown’s beloved miniature railway.

The North West Model Engineers Inc.

Roger is a proud member, volunteer and sponsor of the North West Model Engineers Inc. (NWME), which owns and operates the Nurragingy Miniature Railway, in Blacktown.

“The NWME owns and operates the Nurragingy Miniature Railway, with a tremendous amount of support from Blacktown City Council,” Roger explains.

“It’s a not-for-profit attraction that is really about the community, and sharing our love of miniature trains.

We have all different kinds of trains for families and individuals to take a ride on.”

The first stage of the project opened in 2019 and featured a 105-metre loop track, plus a level crossing that led to the northern extension.

Since opening, NWME Inc. has continued to fundraise and broaden its community in order to build the remainder of the railway.

The hard-working volunteers completed and opened the second stage of the project in April 2023.

Grand Opening Day gathering with NWME members, Blacktown City Councillors and local state member and patron, Stephen Bali.

A day out for the family to enjoy

In the time since it opened, the Nurragingy Miniature Railway has been a community space for families and people living with disability to enjoy a train ride and picnic in Nurragingy Reserve.

“There’s a lot of people interested in miniature railways and the initial founding of the club was basically of ex-colleagues and friends who wanted to share our love of miniature railways,” Roger says.

“There were around 30 members when we first started and since then we’ve welcomed so many people.

Most of the new members are locals who have visited Nurragingy Miniature Railway and have been very excited by it.”

Nurragingy Miniature Railway includes battery-powered, diesel powered and steam-powered engines, that can pull anywhere from eight to 30 people.

Set amongst the beautiful Nurragingy Reserve, the Nurragingy Miniature Railway is just $4 a ride. With a sausage sizzle, picnic and BBQ areas (and sometimes ice cream) nearby, it really is the perfect place to spend a day out with the family.

It is open on the third Sunday of every month, and you can purchase tickets from the train station at the bike path between Currawong and Cockatoo picnic area.

But remember, everyone MUST wear fully enclosed footwear to take a ride on the train!

For more information, visit Nurragingy Miniature Railway’s Facebook page.

Mini Train Systems owner, Roger Jones, (left) with NWME President Michael Ford".

A love of miniature trains

As for Roger, his love of miniature trains extends beyond (and long before) his involvement in the Nurragingy Miniature Railway.

He has had a lifelong interest in model and miniature trains, turning his passion into his livelihood.

“I’ve been interested in miniature trains all my life,” Roger explains.

“It’s been a hobby of mine for 50 years and a commercial operation for nearly 30 years.”

An electrical engineer by trade, Roger and his wife were the duo behind the famous Powerline brand of HO model railway equipment in the mid-80s and Luddenham’s beloved Thomas the Tank Engine miniature railway theme park.

“The only reason it’s not there anymore is because it was where the airport site is now,” Roger explains. “During that time, we started manufacturing miniature trains for other people, and that’s been our main business for over 10 years now.”

They now own and operate Mini Train Systems, the only full-service manufacturer and installer of miniature trains in the country.

Providing locos, rolling stock, track and accessories – both individually and in complete systems – for all who want to enjoy the fun of ride-on railways, they give people the ability to get involved in miniature railways with more affordable and achievable options.

“Our customers vary from commercial operations and clubs, to private individuals who have tracks in their own yards,” Roger explains.

For more information, visit minitrains.com.au

Edcon Steel

Roger has been a valued customer of Edcon Steel for many years now, with Edcon supplying the bright steel, bar stock and angle stock for his business, Mini Train Systems, and for Nurragingy Miniature Railway.

“We buy most of our stock online, which is handy,” Roger explains.

“We buy specialised bright steel, hollow bar and brass, and it is delivered to our door.”

Edcon Steel loves sharing the stories of our community with our community, particularly initiatives such as this, that really benefit the wider community.

If you haven’t already visited, we highly recommend you make the trip and enjoy the miniature railway experience!

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