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All about livestock and fencing

Now that the weather has cooled in regional locations across Australia, we know that many of our rural customers are getting on with livestock and fencing projects such as maintenance, installation and upgrades.

If you’re one of these customers, we’ve put together a handy list of product information and stock updates to help you.

The benefits of gal fencing

Depending on where you are in Australia, your property might face extremes in temperatures, strong winds, pest damage, or all of the above.

Made from galvanised steel, gal fencing has a protective zinc metal coating that increases its corrosion resistance. The process of zinc coating, known as hot-dip galvanising, forms a chemical bond between the zinc top layer and the steel below, so there are no gaps in the coating, leaving a uniform layer of protection.

Because of the metallurgic properties of the galvanised steel used in gal fencing, there is minimal chance of damage during transport and installation. This protection continues over the life of the fence, with the zinc coating offering protection from corrosion.

This layer of protection is so strong that gal fencing can last up to 50 years in rural environments and up to 25 years in more severe urban or coastal environments. Gal fencing is also highly resistant to strong winds and pest damage, so it’s the perfect choice for your fencing needs.

It’s important to consider different coating types, knot types and benefits when purchasing gal fencing, as the correct product will make your fencing tasks that much easier. At Edcon, we stock a range of Southern Wire products with various coating types and knot types to suit the diverse needs of our customers. For more information on gal fencing, check out our article. Our Southern Wire range includes Farm Fence, Hinged Joint and Netting wire in a range of dimensions to suit your project needs.

Our livestock and fencing products

Fencing products

With black pickets, gal pickets and gal strainers in a variety of lengths, we’ve got your post and pipe needs covered. We’ve also got picket lifters and drivers, gal stays and Rotech Staytight Fitting Kits on hand, ready to go.

We also stock 250 x 100 x 5 Sheep Yard Mesh (gal mesh) in both 1100 x 6000 and 900 x 6000 sizes, perfect for fencing, shelving, security applications, guarding, trailers, gates and a multitude of DIY projects.

And don’t forget your barbed wire or tie wire, coated or plain wire – we’ve got wire for days.

Plus, we’ve got Wstrap and gal cattle rails in a variety of sizes. We have a range of gal cattle rails, perfect for making portable yards and boundary fences, and they’re a safe and economical solution for managing and protecting valuable livestock.

If you’re looking for strainers, cattle rail or Farm Fence, get to Edcon quick for massive savings until June 30, 2023.

Livestock products

Need a new access gate, cattle grid, race, or crush? Look no further.

Our range of entry gates include 5 bar, I Stay and N bar gates, all available in a range of dimensions.

We also sell a range of cattle grids, including both unrated and rated Aprilla Grids, as well as HDG and painted wings. Aprilla Grids are Australia’s leading supplier of road, stock and cattle grids, and meet Australian Standards including State Main Roads specification.

Plus, we’ve got tonnes of gates, panels, races and ramps for both cattle and sheep. And we’ve got a range of crushes from Beef Boss (including the Brolga, Ironbark and Mulga range), Steel Station (budget and premium) and an economical range of crushes made locally in Bathurst – branded Edcon Steel.

Are you looking for complete steel solutions?

At Edcon Steel, we pride ourselves on our level of customer service, our steel expertise and the depth of our local market knowledge.
Our staff are on hand to answer any questions you have about our livestock and fencing products, so feel free to contact us for your steel or metal solution today.

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