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Indoor vertical farm

Congratulations to Mike Harder, Co-Founder of Sprout Stack, and his team for their indoor vertical farm using Edcon Steel’s Duragal SHS, Duragal equal angle and aluminium angle products.

Sprout Stack, an agri-tech start-up, is revolutionising the way fresh produce is grown and distributed as Australia’s first commercial indoor vertical farm.

The inspiration

The inspiration

Increasing food production in a sustainable and healthy way is an issue plaguing communities across the world.

Sprout Stack, inspired by the innovative practice of indoor vertical farming, uses recycled shipping containers to grow high-quality vegetables while minimising the impact on the environment.

Grown indoors using technology such as LED lights, data recording devices and the latest irrigation systems, Sprout Stack’s pesticide and GMO-free crops are grown in a precisely controlled environment to achieve maximum flavour and nutritional value. And because the indoor farms are located in urban environments close to retailers, they are as fresh as you can get.

The project

The project

In order for Sprout Stack’s indoor farms to be successful, Michael and his team needed to construct a multi-layered system that would allow the crops to flourish.

The structures needed to be strong enough to support the layers of crops while allowing the successful operation of the hydroponic system that provides irrigation and nutrients to the crops.

Using Duragal SHS, Duragal equal angle and aluminium angle products, the team constructed the five-metre high system, with seven levels.

The Sprout Stack indoor vertical farm, located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, has been a great success.

Providing a range of fresh, delicious and nutritious products to retailers, including Harris Farms, Sprout Stack is changing the way we look at food production in Australia.

Edcon Steel is proud to have played a small part in such a wonderful undertaking and is looking forward to seeing the great things Sprout Stack achieves in the future.

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