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Galvanised steel sheet custom-cut from coil

Edcon Steel has built a reputation as a leading supplier of steel and metal to customers all over Australia. Our extensive range of products and commitment to customer service are at the core of our service delivery.

Here, we outline a recent project for a customer in inner-city Sydney needing a large quantity of galvanised steel sheet to demonstrate exactly how Edcon Steel goes above and beyond for our customers.

Effective and efficient solutions

With a project underway in the middle of Sydney’s bustling city, our customer needed to source 400 sheets of 1mm galvanised steel sheet.

Their project required the galvanised sheets to be 1220 x 3000mm, which was 50mm shorter than the standard stock sheet. When they first contacted Edcon Steel to arrange the order, they requested that this be guillotined off the stock sheet.

Not only was this a waste of material, but it would have incurred a substantial cutting fee for such a large volume of material.

Thankfully, the team at Edcon Steel is always looking for efficient and effective solutions.

We arranged for the entire 400 sheet order to be custom cut from a coil, so the customer only paid for the 3000mm length and didn’t incur any additional cutting fees.

While custom or special orders like this one generally take extra planning and preparation time, our team were able to complete the order and deliver within just a few days, saving the customer significant costs and the planet significant waste!

Ensuring smooth project delivery

By listening to our client’s project needs and calling on the solid relationships we have built over the years, Edcon Steel was able to meet our customers’ requirements.

Custom or special orders like this one generally take extra planning and preparation time, and lead times can vary depending on the types of materials being cut and the lead times of suppliers at the time of order.

Many suppliers will also have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) on certain products, like hot-rolled structural steel, which can be quite significant. While this is perfect for large projects, it doesn’t suit smaller-scale projects. Sheet and coil or cold-formed sections are much better geared to flexible production.

Some suppliers also hold “odd” sizes for specific projects or customers. It is always worthwhile enquiring with our team to check the availability of any non-standard size product in stock.

If you require a custom order, planning and preparation are key to ensuring smooth project delivery. Including the lead time in your order programme can make custom orders the perfect way to save waste and money!

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