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Beginners guide to steel: Flat Ground Stock

We often get questions about flat ground stock, also known as gauge plate and FGS, so we’ve put together this helpful guide to cover some of the basics.

What is flat ground stock?

Flat ground stock is a precision ground flat bar made from O1-grade tool steel.

During the manufacturing of FGS, the steel is cut to a specified length and formed into flat strips.

The surface is then precision ground to remove all defects and ensure all sides are free of carburisation (a process where steel absorbs carbon while the metal is heated in the presence of a carbon-bearing material, such as charcoal or carbon monoxide).

The precision grinding process ensures that FGS products fall within very tight tolerances (thickness and width) and specifications, and is commonly used when the final product requires a very precise threshold. As such, flat ground stock should be stored and handled carefully to ensure the final finish is not damaged.

How is it used?

Since flat ground stock is a precision product, it is typically used to make precise tools to work metal, such as machine ways, gauges, punches and dies.

It is also a typical choice for cutting tools such as knives and saws, as well as high-temperature tools such as die casting and hot shear blades.

The hardness and machinability of a piece of ground flat stock will depend on the steel grade, and manufacturers produce FGS in many different thicknesses and widths.

Edcon Steel’s range of FGS

Edcon Steel has Australia’s largest stock holding of FGS in both metric and imperial sizes.

With a variety of flat and square lengths available, we sell our FGS in both full and half lengths.

We have an ever-growing inventory of ground products in flat (FGS/gauge plate/flat ground stock) and round (silver steel and 4140 high tensile), with more than 350 stocked items.

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