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Custom off-road trailer

Custom off-road trailer

Congratulations to Justin Messenger, winner of the Bordo drill and tap and die set, for his custom off-road trailer project using Edcon Steel RHS and SHS products.

Justin, a boilermaker and metal fabricator, has since started Fabrite, his own metal fabrication business, in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Working on everything from houses to boats, Justin is skilled working with full structural steel down to pressurised stainless steel.

The inspiration

The inspiration

Towards the end of 2019, Justin planned a road trip adventure from Sydney’s Northern Beaches to Cape York in Far North Queensland.

The 3,500km journey required a sturdy and reliable trailer to accompany his 4WD, yet he was struggling to find a trailer that met his needs.

I couldn’t find a trailer that was exactly what I wanted, and the cost to value difference was astronomical,” Justin says.

I figured I could make something that was exactly what I wanted, with the materials I wanted, for far less money.”

Justin’s planning of his custom-built trailer was minimal, so his skill in metal fabrication was put to good use.

That was actually the first trailer I’ve ever built,” he says.

I built the trailer with no real design or drawings and just figured it out as it went along. It was something I wanted to build just to see how I could go designing it.”

The project

The project

The trailer needed to be strong enough to withstand long distances and off-road environments, while light enough to make towing easy.

Carrying my dirt bike was one of the most important factors, but I also needed to be self-sufficient while on the road,” Justin says.

So, it needed to be strong enough to carry a fridge, water tank and other equipment.”

Purchasing all the main trailer sections from Edcon Steel’s Brookvale store, Justin constructed the steel chassis using RHS and SHS and the body was built using alloy RHS and 2/3mm flat alloy sheet, guillotine cut by Edcon staff.

Aluminium angle was welded to door frames to create seal lips, with no folding, as Justin designed the trailer as he went along. All latches were UES brand and bought ‘off the shelf’ at Edcon.

I’ve been using Edcon Steel products for years,” says Justin.

There is always ease of accessibility as I live close by, and it’s always easy to get stuff on short notice.”

The final product

While COVID-19 may have prevented him from making the trip to Cape York, Justin has put the trailer to good use on other trips around NSW.

I have been down the south coast of Australia and out west,” Justin says.

It has done really well on the road and worked beautifully.

I’ll be building my next trailer in the next few months, which I’m looking forward to.”

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