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Artisan metalwork sculpture wins Christmas Project Competition

After being inundated with entries for our Christmas project competition, Edcon Steel is pleased to announce the first-prize winner – a spectacular horse head sculpture by Sarah and Adam of SS Design 4U.

Taking home $1000 Edcon Steel credit, Sarah and Adam used Edcon Steel 6mm steel round bar, 2mm copper and 12mm steel plate in the creation of the intricate artisan metalwork sculpture.

Creativity and passion

Creativity and passion

Sarah and Adam are two metalsmiths working out of Sydney. Adam, a prodigious metalsmith who has worked around the world, was originally the sole designer and creator, but Sarah’s passion for metal was soon realised.

“I started on the tools about three years ago and instantly realised how much I love it. I love every part of it,” Sarah says.

So what started as a typical metalworking business has evolved into the creative space it is today, taking on artisanal metalworking and restoration projects that allow the couple to share their creative talent and passion for metal with clients around the country.

In 2021 they were commissioned to create an incredibly meaningful piece – a sculpture of a horse head for a client’s wife using her late father’s old workshop tools. With the collection of tools and parts, they set the creative process in motion.

“You have to really become part of the project. We brainstorm ideas, make a lot of drawings and let the piece emerge naturally,” Sarah says.

“When we do a piece, we really immerse ourselves in it. So everywhere we look there are pictures and drawings that can inspire us creatively.”

The project

The project

What was originally intended as a 2D wall hanging soon took on a life of its own.

“We really struggled at first because the original idea just wasn’t working and getting the perspective was difficult, so we went outside the box and from there it really came to life,” Sarah says.

The sculpture is an intricate design, with the framework constructed using 6mm steel round bar, 2mm copper and 12mm steel plate.

“We used all Edcon products for the framework, including copper and brass pieces from past jobs, and built the sculpture around that using the old tools and parts,” Sarah notes.

“The forelock is actually made from parts of her father’s old chainsaw and the bridge of its nose and ears are actually his lawnmower blades.”

More than six months after starting the project, Sarah and Adam were able to deliver the beautiful sculpture to the delighted recipient on her birthday.

“It was a really cool experience to be part of something so special. It was so beautiful and such a special moment for us,” Sarah says.

Life-long Edcon Steel customers
"So impressed with the creative design with so many items making up the sculpture. One of a kind made from the heart." ~ Jo, recipient of the sculpture.

Life-long Edcon Steel customers

When choosing products for their project, Sarah and Adam knew there was only one place they needed to look.

“While Adam has been a customer of Edcon Steel in Blacktown for more than 16 years, I first came to Edcon Steel when we started the business, and they have been helping us out all the way,” Sarah says.

“I was a complete novice at the start, and they gave me so much advice and support and answered every question I had.

They were such an amazing help… we really wouldn’t be where we are today without their help.

We only ever use steel products from Edcon Steel. We have even introduced suppliers to Edcon Steel so we don’t have to buy from anyone else!”

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