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Acrobatic adventure: building a stage using Aluminium Square Box (SHS)

We’ve seen some amazing projects from Edcon Steel customers, but this one might be the most unique – a mobile acrobatic stage backdrop using aluminium square box (SHS)!

First-time Edcon Steel customer and first-time welder Emily spoke to us about her impressive project.

Adapting to a changing environment

When the NSW Government imposed lockdown restrictions throughout New South Wales, Emily was unable to train in her specially rigged arts studio.

“I’m an aerial acrobat, so probably not the usual clientele for Edcon Steel,” Emily laughs.

“But when lockdowns came around and I wasn’t able to train in my studio, I was determined to find a way to keep training.”

Emily’s adaptability and determination, coupled with an unusual acquisition, saw her ingenious project come to life.

“I acquired a little truck with a HIAB as a workaround… a first step on what would turn into a completely unexpected adventure,” Emily says.

Over the Top Entertainment

Over the Top Entertainment

All the opportunities the truck presented inspired Emily to launch a new and unusual business venture.

“I quickly decided that when we moved out of lockdowns this could be a mobile staging solution to be able to efficiently set up performances wherever I went,” Emily says.

“And my new business, Over the Top Entertainment, was born.”

While her vision for her business and career was exciting, there was plenty of work that she need to do before she could realise this dream.

“The truck wasn’t exactly picturesque,” Emily jokes.

“So I began planning a backdrop to be positioned between the truck and the audience. Not only would it screen the truck, but it would also allow me to provide an aesthetic visual piece for the audience.”

The project

In order for her ambitious project to work, Emily needed to source material that was tall enough to cover the truck, light enough for her to fit it, and resistant enough to stay out in the elements.

“As an aerial acrobat, I perform at heights over 6m, so I needed tall screens,” Emily says.

“But I also needed them to be light enough so I – being all of 5 foot nothing – could lift them into place.

I also needed them to be weather resistant as they would live on the back of the truck in between gigs.”

Aluminium was the obvious choice.

A Google search led her to Edcon Steel, where she decided on 32×32 aluminium square box (SHS).

But purchasing the construction material was just the first step… Emily had no experience in welding.

“Welding isn’t something I do a lot in aerial acrobatics,” Emily laughs.

“So it’s been a long journey of learning how to use various tools and how to weld. Let’s hope no one looks too closely at the welds!”

A mobile stage

A mobile stage

“The screen is comprised of four large rectangle panels, 4m by 2m, that sit side by side to screen the whole of the truck,” Emily explains.

“Base plates slide into the uprights and are height adjustable to account for uneven ground.

I can fit modular backdrops into these panels, secured with a locking pin, which enables me to change the face of the backdrop to suit the gig. For example, we currently have a rustic wooden look and a green wall look.”

The team at Edcon Steel is so impressed with Emily’s ingenuity, determination and capability. If you’re having a function in the future and looking for a great entertainer, why not consider Over the Top Entertainment?

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