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Structural Steel Welding Specialists

There are many standards governing welding. Being an Australian based company, Edcon performs its works to relevant Australian Standards.

The Australian Standards for welding use a principle of ‘prequalification’ for personnel, materials, consumables, and procedures. Edcon Steel has prequalified welding procedures in place to cover fillet welds (up to 10mm) and complete penetration butt welds (up to 50mm). We also have the personnel to complete these procedures.

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The standard for most structural steel welding in Australia is AS/NZ1554.

Our work is all considered structural in nature and therefore we fall under Part 1 of AS/NZ1554. In accordance with AS/NZ1554.1:2011 ‘Structural Steel – Welding – Part 1: Welding of Steel structures.’

This standard requires:

Example of a Welder Qualification Certificate
Example of a Welder Qualification Certificate

1. All Welders to be suitably qualified to carry out welding procedures for which they will be employed. This is done at Edcon Steel by way of a demonstration and welders receive a certificate to state they have complied with the appropriate requirements of AS/ NZ1554:2004.

Example of a Welding Procedure Sheet
Example of a Welding Procedure Sheet

2. All procedures to be qualified and records of the procedure qualification record (PQR) shall be available for examination. This is done at Edcon Steel with the development of PQRs and these are made available to the welder during fabrication by way of Welding Procedure Sheets (WPS).

Example of a Welding Supervisor CV
Example of a Welding Supervisor CV

3. All welding shall be carried out under supervision of a welding supervisor. Edcon Steel has a welding supervisor to carry out this task and ensure the welding is carried out as specified. For more info visit: www.wtia.com.au

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