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  • Size list

    Shape: Track
    Grade: Bracket
    DimensionsKilograms per meterStandard Length
    200 Side Bracket0.19N/A
    120 Angle Bracket0.27N/A
    120 Offset Bracket0.126N/A
    200 Offset Bracket0.27N/A
    200 Offset Bracket0.27N/A
    120 Overhead Bracket0.1N/A
    200 Over Head Bracket0.1N/A
    450/650 Angle Bracket0.34N/A
    450/650 Angle Bracket0.57N/A
    120 Side Fi x Bracket0.102N/A
    200 Overhead Double Bra0.35N/A
    450/650 Overhead Bracke0.36N/A
    450/650 Side Fi x Bracke0.54N/A
    Kilograms per meter 0.102
    Standard Length N/A

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