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  • Steel Retaining Wall Posts

    Steel Retaining Wall Posts

    Retaining Wall Posts

    Heavy Duty Australian Made Structural Steel Retaining Posts using 100UC14 and 100PFC steel sections and Hot Dip Galvanised to AS/NZS4860.  
    These items are all stocked in pre-cut lengths of:
    900 - 1200 – 1500 – 1800 – 2100 – 2400  (mm)
    In Stock and ready to go (Currently all stock in our Brookvale Location)
    Please click here for "mid" posts or here for "end" posts.
    Please note: we recommend you consult your local council or a structural engineer before commencing your retaining wall to ensure you meet all relevant requirements, unfortunately we are not able to offer any advise or certification for these products.
    Retaining Wall Posts Retaining Wall Posts Retaining Wall Posts


    In the design and selection of materils for your retaining wall it may be useful to know the dimensions of the 100PFC ("end posts") and the 100UC14 ("mid posts").  These dimensions can help you select the appropriate planks for your retaining wall.

    Please Note :  These dimensions are provided by the manufacturer and are subject to tolerences, please check with the manufacturer if you dimensions are critical.


    100PFC Channel Dimensions (mm)
    Section  Kg/m d bf tt tw d1
    100PFC 8.33 100 50 6.7 4.2 87

    100UC14 Dimensions (mm)
    Section Kg/m d bf tf tw d1
    100UC14 14.8 97 99 7 5 83


    Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions