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    Stainless steel

    Edcon Steel offers an extensive range of structural steels, Australia wide.

    With applications ranging from general engineering and fabrication purposes, through to the construction industry and beyond, our national network ensure that the best quality steel is always on hand for any needs your business requires.

    Structural Steel Sections available comprise:

    • Flat, round and REO bar
    • Universal Beams
    • Channels (Black and DuraGal®)
    • Universal Columns • Angles (Black and DuraGal®)
    • ERW large diameter circular pipe.


    A universal beam has an "I" cross section with its main application in the structural frames of sheds and large buildings. It is also used in applications where significant weight needs to be carried eg semi-trailer chassis or where large spans need to be achieved as in bridges.
    • Light universal beams range from 150 UB through to 410 UB.
    • Heavy universal beams include 460 UB through to 610 UB.

    Channels (Black and DuraGal)
    Channels are often called “C” or “PFC” sections. As with beams, channels are mainly used in structural applications. Common uses are house floor joists, semi-trailer rails and industrial stair frames to name a few. Light Black channels include 150 PFC through to 250 PFC while heavy channels range from 300 PFC through to 380 PFC. Lengths may be supplied from 9 to 18 metres in increments of 1.5 metres. DuraGal® channels are available in lengths 9 m and 12 m only and in a limited range of sizes. DuraGal® channels have a radius corner similar to that of an RHS sections. The DuraGal® coating is an in-line galvanizing process and must not be confused with a hot dipped galvanized finish. Please check with your local Metalcorp Steel for availability.

    Universal Columns, as with Beams and Channels, are mainly used in structural applications. As with beams, the cross section of the product has an "I" shape. Light universal columns range from 100 UC to 200 UC. Heavy universal columns range from 250 UC to 310 UC. Length range is available from 9 through to 18 metres in 1.5 increments however, 100 UC are only available in 9, 12 and 15 metre lengths.

    Angles (Black and DuraGal)
    Angles are a 90 degree angle bar. Black angles can be supplied from 20 x 20 through to 200 x 200 and thicknesses of 3 mm through to 26 mm. Duragal® angles may be supplied from 30 x 30 through to 90 x 90 and thicknesses of 2.5 mm through to 8 mm. These sections have a radius corner similar to an RHS section. Duragal® products have an in line galvanized finish and this finish must not be confused with a hot dipped galvanized finish.

    ERW Large Diameter Circular Pipe
    ERW large diameter circular pipe is used in structural applications mainly for columns, bollards, and water reticulation for the fire industry. The size range is from 114mm OD to 610mm OD and is available in stock lengths of 12m.