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  • Size list

    Shape: Sheet & Plate
    Grade: Stainless - 316 2b Mill Finished
    DimensionsKilograms per meterStandard Length
    217.272440 x 1220
    325.482440 x 1220
    0.76.482440 x 1220
    0.97.782440 x 1220
    1.29.942440 x 1220
    1.613.822440 x 1220
    2.521.152440 x 1220
    0.454.22440 x 1220
    0.554.742440 x 1220
    Kilograms per meter 4.2
    Standard Length 2440 x 1220

    316 Grade Stainless has extensive use in marine, food and chemical processing equipment when better corrosion resistance is required than chromium-nickel(304 Grade) stainless steels. Commonly referred to as "Marine Grade" Stainless steel it is commonly used in coastal and marine situations. Edcon Steel Stocks a wide range of profiles and sizes - all can be cut to your sizes and you only pay for what you need (charges apply).